The furry wire experiment


It's been awhile since I last posted anything here.....been busy posting in my personal blog instead hehehe........ :D

I got this new material recently from the craft's a form of wire with furry rayon swirling around it. I'm not sure what they are actually called, so I guess I'll just call it the furry wire hehehe :D I bought two different colors of the wire, one red and the other is dark purplish pink. The dark purplish pink the one I'm using for this card design as it matches the purple card I'm using. They wires comes in a variety of colors.....namely blue, green, black, brown etc etc....will probably get more of them in future for me to use in my new designs.

For this particular design, I used the furry wire and form it into the shape of a heart. I love working with this wire as it is quite flexible....I haven't tried forming it into any other shapes yet. I have only tried the heart shapes for now. It is also not that hard to glue it on the paper, so that's why I love this new material hehehe..... I also used lots of glitter glue to decorate the card, dark pink and also silver....I just love the sparkling effect it gives to the card. As you can also see, the tiny purple rectangular shapes around the center of the card is actually pieces of ribbons which I cut out piece by piece and glued them around the card as part of the decoration. That is also some new in my design. :)

This card comes with a matching soft purple envelope and also has a soft pink paper inserted inside the card for writing on personal wishes. For now I haven't decided on what to write inside it, so I leave it blank. This card is suitable for any occasion and also can be used for Valentines day to be given to loved ones :)


Grace to You said...

I love the little bits of ribbon scattered around this card!

Azlina Abdul said...

Me too! I've been using this idea on other cards as well! It's so fun! :)

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