Sweet Love on her birthday


What was I thinking when I design this card? Hmmm....sweet sweet sweet love hehehehe...the mood of Valentines day and probably hunger for candy prompted me to make this card hehehe...well, that's what I was feeling and thinking of at that time.....kinda cheerful and happy feeling inside with all the colorful heart shapes all around the birthday wording... :)

Love you girls even more....

V006 (brown)

5.2.2008 - I thought I would share with everyone here a card I made for my dear friend who lives far far away in Maine...I wanted so much to give her this card design which was pink in color but I actually ran out of pink paper but still wanted to give her this card .....so I thought and thought about it and finally got an idea to use brown paper since brown hues are her favorite colors...and since the patterned paper has that color too, it just seemed perfect! My sister said that it looks like chocolate to her when she looked at the card...and I thought so too!! :) Looks yummy hehehe! Hope she loves it too! :)

I found this really cool stripe patterned paper sometime ago...and I finally got an idea of what to do with it last night hehehe :D....I cut it out in heart shape forms and layered it with a thicker paper before pasting it on the card....and added the wordings "Love" and "You" on each heart... :) and later surrounding them with tiny red punched out heart shapes......As I thought of how to make the design using these heart shapes, I came up with an idea of matching them with a style that I love doing which is using strips of different colored paper pasted side by side using the colors found in the heart shape patterned paper....with a red hot ribbon tied up at the top, it completes the design!

I already know who I'm giving this hot card to....do you? :P hehehe.....This is to all the hot girls I love! :)

Love you guys too....

A simple wording inside of "Love You" in a tag form with a matching ribbon....sweet!
A matching soft purple handmade envelope with a heart shape form attached to the back of the envelope, using the same colors found in the card...

I was thinking to myself when I made this card...hrmmm...wonder if the guys would prefer to receive a Valentines Day card that has colors other than red, pink or other girlish colors hehehe....WHY NOT RIGHT??? I wanted it to look less feminine and with a subtle look....I played with the different colored strips of paper to achieve that checkered pattern or maybe a "kain pelikat" pattern hehehehe....so that it is more masculine...but since it's for Valentines Day, I couldn't help but add the tiny punched out heart shapes on it!! :D Plus, I added a short sweet message inside by making a tag out of it saying "Love You"....

So what do you guys think?? Would you like to receive one of this card from a loved one this Valentines Day? Or is it a big NO NO NO!?? Hehehehe......I love it still no matter what :)

A birthday card for a dear friend :)


This is a special card I designed for a good friend of mine for her friend's birthday that's coming very soon this month.....she wanted something sweet with soft colors. Since I am still crazily in love with making those plum blossoms for Chinese New Year cards....I decided to make some that would suit the birthday girl's card too! I am like soooooooooo addicted to making those plum blossoms at the moment and I just couldn't help myself! hehehehe!!!! :P Please forgive me hehehehe..... But I am happy that my good friend loved this design and so another mission is successfully completed! And I love it too!!! :) hehehehe!

Chinese lanterns....


I am so excited about this design :) as I have never made a Chinese lantern before...how cool! Another fun project :).

Raising the red lantern is a tradition that began in China back in the 1600's during the Qing Dynasty. Chinese red lanterns are a symbol of happiness and good luck.
These traditional Chinese paper lanterns are used on the fifteenth day of the Chinese New Year for the Lantern Festival, are bright, colorful, and in many different sizes and shapes, but mostly they will be red in color.

Mandarin oranges...


I got this cute idea to make a Chinese New Year card using mandarin oranges as a subject matter. Did you know........... that the mandarin oranges are the most popular and the most abundant fruit during Chinese New Year. Piles of oranges and mandarin oranges with leaves attached go on sale in the weeks before the New Year. Both oranges and mandarin oranges are round golden fruits surrounded by emerald leaves. Their shape and color symbolize the sun and connect with the yang principle, which represent the positive element and generative force in nature. Thus oranges are considered auspicious fruits and important symbols of the New Year.

The name of the fruit is gut in Cantonese, and therefore it symbolizes good fortune (dai gut). It is an important item for the household. At the New Year, a pair of mandarin oranges, together with a red envelope of money, is placed next to the pillow of every child in the family. This stands for dai gut lai see "good fortune and good business". The same items are placed on top of the chuen hop, the circular box, containing New Year's preserves and candies, as well as the family rice container, to bring good fortune for the home. Dishes of oranges are also placed in front of altars and on top of New Year's gifts for one's friends. Mandarin oranges are used as a "return" gift when one is given a New Year present. These are some infos I got about the mandarin oranges and what it symbolizes for the New Year....

So go and spread some wealth and good fortune to others with this cute card during this new year! :)

Colors of the new year...


I simply am crazy about the combination of these colors on this new design of my mine. The red, orange and yellow colors are so bright and attracts one's attention to it. I bought this bright orange lace a few months ago last year but have not used it for any of my designs. Couldn't get the right combination of colored paper to suit the lace and now I have! So excited about that! I guess it must be the Chinese New Year mood that somehow got me the idea hehehe.... I am not sure if this card is suitable for use as a Chinese New Year card, but I do feel that it would be suitable as a Thank You note card or even as a card for one to use to just say Hello to a friend that's long been missed..... :)

Plum blossoms

This yellow CNY card of red plum blossoms with a pinkish edge to it.....a real contrast to the yellow background of the card...with a matching red handmade envelope that has a red blossom at the back of it! :)

A striking red card with a soft pink matching handmade envelope added with a blossom at the back of the envelope...


Don't you just love those plum blossoms?? So pretty when they blossom on the tree...I just love looking at them. My attempt to make Chinese New Year cards this year starts with this plum blossom motif. I love making cards with flower motifs and this one gives me great pleasure to design and produce. Each flower on these cards are hand cut using just plain scissors and layered with another paper beneath it and cut again for the second time. Only the flower buds are cut out using a paper puncher.

I made simple wordings for the cards on the outside and blank on the inside...I really enjoyed making these blossoms... :) . So much fun!

These are some facts I got from the net about the plum blossoms :). Did you know.........that it is customary for Chinese to decorate their homes with blossoms during Chinese New Year? For without flowers there will be no formation of fruit. The southern Chinese have a tradition of displaying a blossoming of peach tree or plum tree at home during the Chinese New Year, and immigrants have continued this custom. In Hong Kong and Canton, thousands upon thousands of peach and plum trees are sold in the annual New Year Flower Fair , and the Chinese buy these trees just as others would buy pine trees or fir trees to celebrate Christmas. The Chinese believe that blossoming flowers will bring prosperity (huakai fugui) therefore considerable care is taken in choosing these trees, so that many of the buds will bloom on New Year's Day. :)

My "SWEET" Heart


Oh my "SWEET" heart....you are as sweet as candy to me :).....I am very excited to show my first ever embossing project on my greeting card :) ! I got the tools and supplies last year but never really made anything for my card collection, just playing around with the tools and supplies. So now I have done it finally! Although it is nothing fancy, just simple letters stamped and embossed...but I love it just the same hehe....I know I need more practice to get the skills right so that it will look more perfect....gosh, I need more time too! hehehe! I love this wrapping paper as it has those cute little photos of heart shaped candy on it....it's kinda of symbolic when I cut the paper in a heart shape....to show how sweet one's heart can be...and how sweet it is to be loved...

I find that It does take quite a lot of my time to do this embossing thing....but seeing the results as the embossing powder melts and surfaced on the card is quite a thrilling experience....can't explain it, you would have to do it and experience it yourself to know why I am so excited about it hehe...

I continue to love you...


"I continue to love you because you gave me love whenever and wherever I am" :) .... I see this card in a different way, a different meaning compared to the one I made recently. This one has dark red colored paper heart, one has a shiny surface and the other is matte...it's actually from the same paper but it has two different surfaces and both surfaces are lovely...love them both..

I love you...

This valentines card is similar to the one below except this one has no message or wordings at all...just a big heart in the center and some decorations all around...with a matching beige handmade envelope with a golden heart at the back...


"You know I love you..." :) I love you all, everyone who is dear to me, supported me, my shoulder to cry on and who's been there for me all these years... For me, I don't celebrate Valentines Day...but I do believe that I should let the ones I love and hold close to my heart know how much I love them and cherish them in my life through this simple way of giving... with a simple message, simple thoughts that comes straight from the heart...that's important for me...wish them, let them know how much you love them anytime of the year....not just on that day....but on any day of the year... :)

I adore these simple cards very much for their color and simplicity....such a simple message to be given to the one you love and melt their heart away :).

Happy Hijri New Year 1429


Happy Hijri New Year to all Muslims around the world....may this new year brings us all the goodness and happiness all year round. :)

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