Quilled sunflower birthday card


Yes....as you can see, it's another quilled sunflower theme....but this time I'm doing it on a birthday card instead of a paper frame. This order I got is also from the same person who ordered the quilled sunflower frame. She ordered 2 things...one frame and one card. I'm so happy that both are now ready for delivery ;). Took me such a long time to get it done due to my other obligations that I had to attend to. Nonetheless, I'm still glad that I managed to get the requests done in the end :).

I used the same quilled sunflower patterns for this card but the only difference is the way they are arranged on the card. I also made a minor change for the quilled lady bugs. If you look closely, I made an effort to use the tiniest dot that my craft punch was able to make and pasted it on the eyes of the ladybugs instead of making black dots using a black ink pen. And I also gave it a pair of antennas! hehe! I love the new look of the ladybugs. :)

I simply made a simple arrangement of sunflowers on the inside of the card using the weaving technique as a way to pop up the flowers. It's one of my favourite ways to pop up flowers :)

Do check out the video below of the card I made. You'll be able to see it closely how the card looks like on the outside and watch how the sunflowers pop up inside it :)

Quilled Sunflower photo frame


I got a request from a customer who wished for me to make a quilled sunflower photo frame for her dear Mother who happens to LOVE Sunflowers A LOT! hehe! At first I was a bit reluctant to take this order since I've never done any Sunflower arrangement before on cards or photo frames.....I was a little afraid of what the outcome would be like. I don't have any special quilled Sunflower pattern....just a simple one except that this time I thought of giving it a little different touch to the flower  here and there.

I used to make the middle part of the sunflower black in colour but this time I decided to use dark chocolate paper strips instead......and the yellow ochre quilling strips that I used to make the petals were given some orange ink shade to it to make it a little different from what I've done before.

It's the first time for me to make quilled leaves that is big and rounded like that.....using 3 marquis shaped quilling shape and joined them together to form the shape of a big rounded shaped leave.....I was trying to make a leaf that looks like a sunflower leaf......hehehe :D

But what I love the most about this quilled sunflower frame is the LADYBUGS!!! I just love them! I found a tutorial in Pinterest on how to make them last May and I immediately gave it a try. I made a few of them but never got a chance to use them on my artwork until now. At the time I learned how to make them, I didn't have a special craft punch to make those tiny little dots on the ladybugs. But I managed to get the craft punch  later on and was able to glue those tiny dots on them just like how the tutorial showed. It's not that difficult to make either. I definitely love making this pattern more than the usual quilled ladybugs pattern I've made before. <3

Have a look at the video I made of the quilled sunflower frame below....get a closer look at it :)

Welcome Baby Boy!


I was desperately in need of a handmade new baby card, "pronto"! And I had no cards available in my card collection for a baby boy. Arrghhhh! So I immediately thought of those fancy new baby stickers I bought recently that was bought for this type of situations when I can use them for making quick handmade cards! Thank God for these stickers! Seriously! :D

This card was made especially for a dear friend of mine who just gave birth to a cute little baby boy. I haven't had the chance to meet the cutie pie yet but soon I will, real soon! ;)

Because the front design of the card was a little too simple, I thought of complicating it by making a pop up for it, LOL! :D Nothing too fancy though....just a simple one.....so, I just made a simple square pop up and pasted more fancy stickers inside it. I especially love the part where I made the cute litte blue baby pajamas stand up like that. LOVE IT!

Do check out the video of the new baby pop up card below :)

1 million page views

I didn't realised it yesterday because I wasn't able to get online that much due to work....but when I got online this morning, I was surprised to see the numbers changed so fast at my blog. Finally after 813 posts over 5 years, 2 months and 9 days, this blog has hit it's 1 millionth page view. ^.^ Yay!!!

This is just a small teeny weeny achievement compared to other blogs I know that actually can hit 1 million page views in a month or in a day even....hehehe....so for some this is not a big deal but for me it sure is BIG. I'm celebrating it anyways no matter what because it wasn't easy for me to reach this level. 

Big thank you for all my readers, regulars or not, and for all who has helped make this happen by promoting my humble blog to all your friends and family around the world. Thank you so much for your loyalty....and for taking your time to browse my blog,  I truly appreciate it so much. :) Love you all!!!!! Big hugsssss!!!!

Purple theme tri shutter card

Been thinking about what to giveaway for my readers in July since June's blog giveaway has come to an end...gosh....I can't believe how fast June flew huhuhu.....it's just has been such a crazy hectic month for me....so as I was thinking about it....I thought of this tri shutter card I made some time ago. It was not fully completed...it was just 50% done. It was abandoned because I didn't have the time to finish it back then. So decided to complete it once and for all and give it away for one lucky winner. 

Since I've never given away a tri shutter card before, this card was perfect for such an occasion. Even though the decoration is simple but it was made from the heart :). All the pattern paper you see on the card was sponsored by Miss Sandi Staley.....a dear friend of mine who has helped encourage me and supported my work from the very beginning. I love all the purple and lilac pattern paper I used here. Thank you Sandi! ;) 

The plain lilac colored paper here is for writing on some personal wishes :). Not much space to write even though the card has a lot of space hehe....I practically used up all the other space for decoration. ;) I'm glad I get to use the MS doily craft punch for this card. Somehow it seems to suit the pattern paper I used.


July 2012 Blog Giveaway

Hello everyone!

It is now time for giveaway number 7! Oh me oh my....can you believe it? It's already July!! Yikes! I get surprised every time! LOL! :D

I had the opportunity to make something for my loyal readers and yes as you can see at the photo above  it's a half A4 size tri-shutter card that I made using pattern paper that was sponsored  by Miss Sandi Staley ;) who is a good friend of mine. She gave me a lot of purple and lilac pattern paper that I adore so much. So I knew it would be perfect for decorating on this tri shutter card. I hope you all like it as much as I do ;). I will blog more about the tri shutter card soon in another post so that you can have a closer view of the card.

It's pretty easy to enter this giveaway. Everyone is eligible to enter it. Please read the instructions carefully:

1. "LIKE" my Facebook Fan Page at the link HERE OR "Follow" my blog at the followers box at the side bar of my blog (if you have a blog).
2. Share this giveaway at your blog by putting the photo and link at the side bar of your blog OR you can share the link of this giveaway at your Facebook.
2. Write your name and your URL link (your blog link or FB link) at Mr. Linky's widget below.

This giveaway runs from today till 11.59pm on 31th of July 2012. I shall announce the name of the lucky winner during the first week of August 2012. Thank you so much for participating!!! ;) XOXO


Winner of June 2012 Blog Giveaway

And the winner for the June 2012 Blog Giveaway is................. lucky number 44! ;) Congratulations to Miss Henrietta Jose for winning the giveaway :) Do email me your complete mailing details and contact number as soon as you can! ;)

Participants for Lin Handmade Greetings Card June 2012 Blog Giveaway were 97 altogether at Mr Linky....Thank you so much to all who took the time to enter my blog giveaway and helped promote it at your blogs and Facebook. I really appreciate it very much. 

I already have in mind what to giveaway for Juy 2012 Blog Giveaway but it's not completely done yet....still in process.....surprise, surprise..... hehehe. It's a little different from what I've given away before... Do check out the next giveaway that's coming soon!! :)

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