My first hand knitted shrug!!

Last blog post for 2019! Alhamdulillah, finally get to blog about this knitted shrug I made for my Mom. Started this project about 2 years ago when I first fell in love with knitting. I did a couple of knitted shawls for my friends and then I wanted to make something that I could wear and that's how I ended up knitting a shrug which is the most simple outerwear for newbies like me! I am clueless when it comes to reading or following a pattern for knitting or crochet so since knitting a shrug does not involve reading a pattern so, it was an easy choice for me to make at the time.

I used the dot yarn to make this shrug which was perfect because it is so soft and comfy. Easy to knit with as well. I really enjoyed knitting with it. Will definitely get more of it in future. This shrug is actually a mix of knitting and crochet. I crochet the finishing to make it look more neat. 

My Mom loved it, I actually made this shrug for her as a birthday gift. Managed to complete it before her birthday this time! Yay! :D She's been waiting for it for so long.

I have one more shrug to complete and this time it is actually for me but I'm using a different type of yarn and it is a lot less thick compared to the dot yarn. Not sure when I can finish it though....hopefully I can complete it before 2021. I started knitting it about the same time as I knitted for my Mom. But I decided to complete my Mother's shrug first as I wanted her to have it for her 70th birthday. 

I can't believe today is the last day of 2019. I feel like I haven't completed a lot of things this year. I really hope my health will improve a lot more next year so that I can do more. That's all I hope for every year. To create and share more of what I love with everyone around the world. In Shaa Allah....may Allah fulfill all my wishes....aminn.

How to sew Square String Art on paper - Craft Tutorial

Hello there!
I have another craft video tutorial for you this month! Yay! Probably the last one before the year ends. I have a few more videos to make and one in the making but I'm not sure if I can get them done before 2020 arrives. There's just so much to do before the new year and I'm just trying to find some balance in it all. I don't want to stress myself too much.

Anyways! Back to the subject! Haha! Yes, I have been getting a lot of requests from my followers ever since I blogged about the Square String Art Quilling birthday card I made recently. They wanted to learn how to sew the Square String Art on paper like that. Well....I just had to do a tutorial for them....I can't leave them hanging like that right? Gotta pass the knowledge to those who want to learn new things. 

I used a big square frame die as a guide to sew the square string art. I'm sure a lot of people out there who don't own one. So for those who don't have it, you can make the holes for stitching yourself just by piercing the holes with a needle all around the square paper. Just cut a square shape paper with the measurement I gave in the video tutorial, and then you have to measure the spaces between the holes so that the spaces equally spread out around the square.

I haven't the chance to make a lot of these although I do want to so badly. Especially using other colours and combinations. Can't wait to try that out. Hope you will too! It's easy once you know how to do it. So let's do it together! ;)  Happy crafting guys! Enjoy the video! 

Square string art on a quilling birthday card

Hello everyone!
Yes! I have another birthday card to share with you today. This time around I tried the square string art technique! Been wanting to do this one for quite some time now. Many more I wish to try out soon! 

I used white glittered yarn to do the string art technique and it was easy because the square die already have holes that I can sew through it. As always I learned how to do it from YouTube tutorials. There's so many to learn from. 

I also used dies from In Love Art Shop for this card, one is the big square die which I used to do the string art with and the other one is the arrow die for the birthday sentiment. Love them both! ;)

The quilling Fan Flowers was fun to make! I haven't made any for a long time so to do it again recently brought back good memories! I do have a video tutorial on how to make them so you can check it out at my YouTube Quilling Tutorials playlist :).

I made this birthday card for my Aunt Noraini and I also made a personalised mug which I ordered from Printcious.  I love customizing mugs with Printcious. It's so easy to do it and their service is good too! :)

Had fun celebrating her birthday today, chatting and eating with good company is always a good thing and I'm happy that I get the chance to do that today with her, my Mom and her family. May God bless her always with good health and a happy life.

If you are interested to learn how to sew the Square String Art on paper too, do check out the video below. I've also attached here a video of how to make the Quilling Fan Flower, like the ones I made for the birthday card. Happy quilling and crafting!

How to make your own stamping tool | CHEAP and EASY!!

Hello everyone!
I'm so excited to share with you about this diy stamping tool I just made! This really helped me with stamping again. I rarely stamp anymore but with this new tool I'm stamping like crazy once again! LOL! I have a lot of collection of clear stamps that I bought or received from friends over the years and recently I'm getting free clear stamps from a craft company, so I am thrilled that I can use them now and decorate the stamped images on my handmade cards!

A lot of people are so hyped about the MISTI Stamp Tool that's available in the market. I love it too! I've seen a lot of crafters online using it to stamp images for their handmade cards. But since it's super expensive to buy, that's why I decided to make my own. Hopefully one day I can afford to buy a good quality stamping tool like that.

Most crafters face the same problem when it comes to stamping images on paper. We never seem to get enough amount of ink the first time we stamp a particular image. But layering the image with an inked stamp again and again might spoil the image if you don't have a steady hand. So that's why it's every crafters dream to have that stamping tool. Luckily we have an alternative to that now!

Hope you will check out the video tutorial I made and have an idea of how I made the diy stamping tool so you can make one yourself! Thank you for watching! And have fun stamping!

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