Featured in Papercraft Inspirations

About a month ago, I was approached by Miss Lucy Evans who is the Operations Editor from Papercraft Inspirations, which is one of Britain's leading card making magazines to have one of my handmade cards featured in their April 2013 issue. I was really surprised to get this opportunity and was really happy because it's one of my favourite magazines from United Kingdom. Even though it's just a small feature, I'm still thrilled about it. Never thought that one day one of my handmade cards would be featured in this magazine. ^.^

In each issue of the magazine, they will put together a two-page gallery of wonderful, inspirational cards that they have spotted from blogs from around the world. And my "Just For You" card was one of the lucky cards that was chosen for this two-page gallery section of the magazine. The magazine is already on sale in the UK starting from the 14th of March and overseas around 2-6 weeks later.

I've bought the magazine before when I was staying in Kuala Lumpur some years back. It's not easy to find them here in Alor Setar. But it can however be subscribed so that we won't miss a copy of their issues :).

Thank you so much to Papercraft Inspirations for giving me this wonderful opportunity to have my handmade card and blog featured in their magazine. Hopefully more card makers from around the world would check out my blog and find some inspiration from it.  I shall never forget this sweet moment and will always be grateful for it :).

You can view more of the featured card at the link below:

March 2013 Blog Giveaway

Peace be upon everyone today! I hope everyone is in good health and happiness surrounds you always :). I have prepared some gifts for March 2013 blog giveaway and you can view them at the photo above. Just a little something from my sponsor, Wholeport and a little something from me.

The gifts includes, 5 pieces of blank cards (half A4 size), some origami paper, and some blank paper, all of which I have cut using the scallop dies with my die cut machine. Last but not least some colourful buttons! :)

The rules for entering this giveaway is very simple.....everyone is eligible to enter......all you have to do is just promote the photo and the link of this giveaway to your Facebook account or to your blog. For those who have a blog, you can either write a post about it or just paste the photo and link of the giveaway at the sidebar of your blog. Then, just put the the link of where you promoted my giveaway at  Mr Linky below, and write your name there too. Please, please remember to put the link of where you promote it at Mr Linky, otherwise I wouldn't know if you promote it or not. Do Follow my blog and Facebook Page too......Thanks!



Winner of February 2013 Blog Giveaway

Now is time for me to announce the name of the winner of last month's blog giveaway! It's lucky number 19! Miss Sonia! Congratulations Miss Sonia.....hope you can contact me at my email address and give me your details so that I can post to you the prize as soon as I can.

Thank you so much to all who participated in my giveaway. I truly appreciate your support. I wish I could give the prize to everyone but unfortunately I'm not that rich yet to do that ehehehe....not yet! :D Who knows one day I might be able to give prizes to more than one person per giveaway. 

I am in the middle of preparing the prize for this month's giveaway now. The prize that the winner will get is a little something that I received from my sponsor and also a little something from myself.......hopefully everyone will like it and join the giveaway. ;)

Thanks again everyone! Big hugsssss! ;)


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