Independence Day Quilling Flower (Bunga Merdeka)

Hello everyone!

Happy Independence Day to all Malaysians!! We are celebrating our 64th year of independence. I just had to make something for Merdeka day and thought of making this flower to commemorate this day.

This will be a short blog about the Twisted Loops Quilling Flower I made today using the colours of our Malaysian flag. I didn't know how it will turn out when I got the idea to use this design to make the flower, but I knew that I would need 4 different colour paper to make this flower and coincidentally the Malaysian flag does have 4 colours! So immediately I started working on it.  

I chose the white, yellow and red to be on the inside of the petal because those three colours do look good together and have that dark blue colour paper to wrap the three colours to complete the petal. And since this is not a real flower anyways, the colours of the leaves need not be green, so I decided to use the same milk coffee colour as the stem and leaves.

Hope you like it! ;)

Twisted Loops Quilling Flower Tutorial

Hello everyone!

I have been "away" for quite a long time and some might think I was on "holiday" so to speak when in actual fact I've been extremely busy with a whole lot of work to do even though I'm just at home. During this awful pandemic, I have been spending a lot of time at home. I do most of everything online now. I did a lot of gardening as well for a year and now I stopped concentrating too much on that and focusing more on my craft work. Not that I didn't care about it before but this pandemic sort of made me lose my mood for it. I just didn't feel like doing any handmade cards or quilling or anything crafty for months. I was worried that I might lose complete interest in it but fortunately I came around.

I really really miss quilling the most and miss making handmade cards and other craft in my little craft room. I can't count how many times I went to my craft room and wished that I have the time to sit and create something there. It's only recently last month that I was able to do it. Alhamdulillah. So you see, not only did I didn't have the mood but I also didn't have the time for it. There is something lost and something gained during this pandemic, that's for sure. I have learned a lot through this tough times.

When I was able to get back to crafting again, I thought of what to make and it occurred to me that there are some of my old quilling designs that I made years ago which I felt I needed to explore more. So I went back to search of what I did before that I could do more with. One was the Twisted Quilling Leaf. I did a video tutorial on that one and it's on my YouTube channel, which you can view the tutorial by clicking at the link --> HERE. I've never made a flower design with this Twisted Quilling Leaf so I thought why not I give it a try.


If you have watched my Twisted Quilling Leaf video, you will see that I used 3 different colour quilling paper to make the leaf, so it's multicoloured. So for the quilling flower, I used 3 different colour quilling paper as well. The difference as you can see is that I wrapped each piece of the petals, which I didn't do for the leaf design. So that's the difference. This way, the petals look neater wrapped up with another piece of quilling paper. 

As usual I used shredded A4 papers to make the flowers. I prefer to use this type of paper especially when I want to make tutorials. Because not a lot of people can afford to buy standard quilling papers and some might have problems getting them as well at their hometown. So using shredded coloured printing papers are always the best choice.

I have prepared a video tutorial on how to make this flower so that you can make them too. It's very easy to make especially for quilling beginners. Do check it out by clicking at the link --> HERE. Hope you'll enjoy it! Thank you! :) I also made a simple quilling leaf tutorial at the end of the video for quilling beginners. Just a simple two tone quilling leaf that goes well with the flower.

In the video I did mentioned that the colour combination I chose for the flower was inspired by the BTS song BUTTER. It's so true! I can't stop listening to that song ever since it was released. I love everything about the song, the colour concept, the song itself, the melody, the lyrics, the dance steps everything! I said I was kidding about the number of petals of the flower but actually I wasn't kidding at all! LOL! Seven petals did represent the seven members of BTS. I think this is the first time I made a flower with seven petals and I love it a lot! :)

I'm hoping to make more videos after this, preferably quilling tutorials. I already have something in mind but making a video especially a tutorial does involve a lot of time to get just one video done. It's always a struggle for me with my limited energy but I try to stay positive and have as much fun in the process. 



Here are some of the Twisted Loops Quilling Flower that I have made with other colour combinations. Hope these photos will inspire you to create these flowers too. 

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