Heart shape quilling leaves tutorial

Hey guys!! This is my first quilling tutorial for this year and hopefully more will come soon. I certainly do have a lot of requests to make other quilling tutorials and of course a lot of preparations need to be done before the actual recording of the tutorial can take place. 

I started making these heart shape quilling leaves since last year and I also used them for a birthday card design last year too. It's a fun way to do quilling leaves with different types of hair combs. You can check out the video tutorial I did today and try making the quilling leaves too! Have fun quilling guys! :)

Gong Xi Fa Cai pop up flowers card


I think it's not too late to wish everyone, especially my followers a very Happy New Year 2017! Year 2016 brought a lot of good memories, experiences, ideas and opportunities and I'm excited to make more good ones this year. A fresh new start. A new page in my book. A new beginning. A new hope.

This new year started off with a specially requested Chinese New Year card. Actually the request was for an old card design I made many years ago. I believe it was one of my first pop up card  that I made back then. I was really excited to learn how to make the seven pop up flowers. I've always thought that it was really hard to make them but when I learned how to do it, I realised that it was not THAT hard. Lots of people are able to do it too.

Although I was requested to remake the card design, I was a bit reluctant to do it exactly the same as before. I just had to make it more current with what I am doing now. It didn't have the red lace like the old one did but I still maintained the idea of  the cherry blossoms flowers on the card . So the minute I got the green light, I head on to find what I can use to make it look similar to the old card design.

Since I have a love for brush lettering, so the sentiments are hand lettered using a brush and water colours. After it has dried, I added some Diamond Glaze on it. It looked really good. Love that effect on the letters. 

The flowers are all embossed and painted on, so that they don't look flat and lifeless. At least there is some difference in that part of the design. The pop up were made exactly like the old one except it's a little bit bigger because I used a bigger size card for this new design.

You can view it better in the video. Do check it out. :)

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