How to use my quilling starter kit

This is something that I should have done much much earlier for quilling beginners who have been getting my quilling starter kits over the years. Simply because not all quilling beginners have the idea of how to use the quilling supplies provided in my quilling starter kit.

I have gotten a lot of inquiries from them and most of the time I would just try to find suitable quilling tutorials on YouTube for them to see and the get the idea of how to start quilling with the supplies. Some would ask me to teach them instead and I would then do basic quilling classes for them. I haven't done so in quite a long time because I just never seem to have the time to spare these days for a quilling class. I have too many other things to get done everyday and to hold a quilling class would just take a lot of my time away.

I guess that's why I prefer to do video tutorials instead. This way, a lot more people would get the benefit from learning about quilling from me. No more do they need to see me in person and get lessons on quilling. They can just click the play button on the YouTube video and replay it as much as they like to. Free of charge! And I get to teach people through the videos anytime I like! So it's a win win situation. 

One most common issue that rises when it comes to using the quilling supplies is how to use the plastic circle template. Seriously I get that question A LOT! First of all, my circle template is not like the circle template quilling board most quillers would commonly use for sizing up their quilling paper. I use a plastic circle template that students use in schools to draw circles. It's not the same thing, but it helps quilling beginners to do quilling at a much reasonable price. The quilling board is quite expensive to buy. I myself still don't own one till now.

Another common question would be, how to glue the quilling shapes on the card. That's another common problem for quilling beginners. They cannot get a clear picture of how to apply the glue on the quilling shape correctly. They either apply too much glue or too little of them. So the quilling shapes don't look nice on the card.....sometimes very messy and that would spoil the look of the card.

Hopefully my not so short video would give them a clear idea of how to basically do simple quilling shapes and how to apply them on the card. I made the video quite late at night therefore my mind was not working as good as it should be if done during the day. Please excuse me for that! Haha! What's important is that quilling beginners can understand what was taught in the video and they can apply it fast. 

So do watch the video if you are a quilling beginner. Hope it helps a little!

My new handmade slotted quilling tool

I remembered what it felt like last year when I first got the idea of making my own handmade slotted quilling tools. I tried to DIY it all by myself. I felt like an inventor or something! haha! Although it was not the best invention ever as it had many flaws, I have to admit, I kept the dream alive and kept on experimenting on it. I didn't stop thinking of ways to make the invention better.

This year, after all the experiments I had done over the months, I finally created another handmade slotted quilling tool to replace the first invention. This one had a better grip, better handling and felt so comfortable when turning the tool over and over. Totally different feeling compared to the first invention.

The major difference in this one is that the plastic handle itself is not curved like the one before. It's almost as straight as any normal standard slotted quilling tool. So it makes it more comfortable when using it to quill. The handle is made of plastic but the filling inside the plastic has been replaced with a different material. The first invention had glitters and colourful beads in it. No more of those in this latest invention. One other good thing about it now is that I get to put my name inside the plastic tube too! Love that part! So those who buy the slotted quilling tool would know that it is handmade and who made it too :).

It was not easy for me to create something like this. I had wasted a lot of materials before I finally decided on the best method and design. Since the process of making the slotted quilling tool itself had to be done by hand, and not by any special machine, it takes time for me to get one done. It's a very interesting process and seeing the finished product gives me joy :). I don't think I will be able to mass produce the slotted quilling tools like other companies do as I am doing this alone and am not in the best of health. I'm just helping out those in need of affordable slotted quilling tools while I still can :). 

Actually the initial idea of creating my own slotted quilling tools came about when a lot of people contacted me to ask about where they can buy slotted quilling tools that is more affordable for them. Standard slotted quilling tools in the market can be quite expensive, especially if they are branded. But they are undeniably better in quality. Sometimes, it also depends on how good you take care of them too. If you abuse them, they will eventually lasts a short period of time even though they are good in quality. So be nice to your tools and they will last longer ok? hehe!

I have to admit that I was one of those people who couldn't afford those standard slotted quilling tools back then. So I know how it feels to want to buy a craft tool and yet have to reserve that feeling till I had enough money for it. I remembered how expensive my first slotted quilling tool was. I bought it at a fancy craft shop in Kuala Lumpur. Back then I didn't know much about quilling and only knew very little about it from my friends. I bought it anyways even though it was pricey because I knew I would never get the chance to buy it at my place. It is not easy finding craft tools here in Alor Setar.

I'm happy if my humble handmade slotted quilling tools can help people create beautiful quilling creations. That's all I ever wanted. To see people make pretty things without having to spend so much money. Quilling in my mind now is a craft that everyone can try to do. Everyone can afford to try it. There are numerous of ways you can find on the net to do it with or without a fancy quilling tool. You just have to keep the dream alive, believe in yourself and be creative in creating beautiful things. :)

Here's a video below to show you the slotted quilling tool in action and how well it works. Thank you for watching!! :)

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