How to make a Triangle Twist quilling flower

I'm so happy to post about my first quilling tutorial in 2019! Yay! Been so long since I made a post here or even made a quilling tutorial. Took a long break from work since October last year because I was not well. To be honest, I'm still not well now but I'm slowly healing and I wanted to make this video for all those who are fans of quilling and are a fan of making quilling vortex shapes. A lot of my followers on Instagram have been requesting as well for me to make this video for them. They have been waiting so long for this.

It may seem like I took my own sweet time to make it but that's only because I needed some time to make more experiments on it to make sure the flower looks identical every time I make it. I wanted it to be perfect so to speak because before this, I myself had a hard time making sure it looks the same every time I make it. So I couldn't make the video if I was not happy with it myself right?? Thank God that finally with a lot of patience, I managed to pull through, figured out what was wrong with my technique and got it right in the end.

As always, I am using A4 80gsm colour printing paper to make my quilling papers. I cut them myself using a craft knife and sometimes with a razor blade. Measuring the paper is so important to make sure that each strip of paper is about the same width. For this flower, the measurement for each quilling paper  used is 5mm x 297mm. I showed in the video the measurements in inches as well. So be sure to watch the video tutorial to find out the exact measurements. For each petal, I used 3 strips of the quilling paper. 

In this video, I will be teaching you how to make a triangle shape vortex using a flea comb. With the experiments that I have done before I figured out that we could also make with it using a slotted quilling tool but the result is not the same. I still prefer making it using the flea comb as the design looks much nicer.

Once you know how the basics of how to make this triangle shape vortex, then you can easily make it in different colours or multiple colours in each triangle. You could also make them in different sizes. The longer the quilling paper, the bigger the triangle will be. 

Do check out the video tutorial on how to make this flower at the link HERE. Have fun trying it out. Hope it turns out lovely each time you make it! ;)

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