Blue weaved scarf

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well even though we are all going through a very rough time this year. Covid  19 definitely has changed me a lot these past few months. I've been feeling really down and have not been my usual self. I really miss crafting but I just couldn't bring myself to create anything new for the past 3, 4 months.

I've been keeping myself busy growing vegetables in my garden at home instead of crafting. It seems to be a big trend around the world these days to grow your own food and I just couldn't help myself to do the same. It's good therapy as well. Since I can't go out as much as I like anymore, staying at home and spending time in the garden in the morning seems like a good idea in the beginning. Honestly I love it till now. But it did occurred to me that I needed to get back to crafting as well. I received some lovely gifts from a dear friend some time ago on my birthday this year and those gifts somehow gave me some motivation to create something again.

I immediately got into the mood to do something creative but I had to clean up my room first because it was so dusty and messy. I've neglected it for the past few months. When I was cleaning up the mess, I stumbled upon a weaving project that I started way back in 2018. At the time I was so addicted to knitting, crochet and weaving. I did make a small weaved scarf at the time too using the same method. Then I got over ambitious and wanted to make a bigger and longer scarf. Unfortunately I didn't get to complete it back then because I was so busy doing so many things at the same time. So I decided to finish what I started. I still have one more knitting project that I started in 2018 left to complete. Not sure when I can  get that one done though. But I'm glad that I manage to complete the blue weaved scarf once and for all.

To be honest, I don't think I will be weaving another scarf anytime soon. It's so difficult to do plus it takes so much of space in my craft room. So from now on wards I would just do crochet or knitting with a loom. If I ever wanted to weave again, it will only be in smaller sizes using a small loom that I bought some time ago. That would be exciting to try. I've always love trying out new tools.

This blue weaved scarf did not come out as nice as I expected but it's ok, as I am a beginner. I'm always glad that I did try it as it was a good experience. Anything new to try is always good for the brain. I love to challenge myself. There's definitely some flaws on the scarf which you may not be able to see clearly but I know where it is. So it's definitely not for sale, it's just for my own personal use. Weaving is very time consuming and needs a lot of patience. I'm just so relieved that it's done, haha!

I DIY the loom that was used to make the blue weaved scarf using a long thick cardboard. It's actually two long cardboards glued together to make it really thick. I also used a lot of pearlescent plastic tip pins. Since I wanted to make a really long scarf, I had to use and weave on both sides of the cardboard. So that was not easy to do. If it was just one sided, it would have been much easier.

After all the weaving was done, I finished off the sides of the scarf using a crochet hook. That would be my favourite thing to do as it is the easiest, LOL! Finishing off the sides and braiding the ends of the scarf was fun. I was happy with the outcome. 

Now that this blue scarf is done I can continue to complete other unfinished projects that I neglected some time ago. I hope I won't lose the motivation to craft again. I do miss it a lot. Thank you to all who still stick by me even though I went missing for a long time. I appreciate it a lot. Lots of love to you 😍❤️.

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