Happy Birthday Maksu!!! :)

Alalalalalalalala....comelnyer Maksu I niiiiii hehehehe.... :D


Today is my aunt's birthday! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAKSU!!!!! She's 51 this year and yet she looks like she's in her 30s!!! How lucky to be able to look so young at that age....wonder if I will look that young when I reach 50! Yikes!! hehehe! We went out for lunch to celebrate...but I forgot to get her a cake!! Ooops! Maksu....jangan marah...I'll get you one when I come back from Alor Setar ok? hehehehe! She got presents too! Will not mention it here what they are hahahaha! Rahsiaaaaa.... :D

Made her a special dark red/marone colored card with cream and gold embellishments...I love the edges of the card where I used a scallop scissors to cut with...the flower petals are individually cut and pasted on the cards...same goes to the leaves...all cut by hand...they all look like they are dancing hehehe swaying from side to side and from up and down...I made a marone flower for the envelope...matches the card really nice. :) Happy that she loved it... :)

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