Wrap them up halfway and add some flowers


I thought about doing this design for quite awhile now...I love the idea of using patterned paper to decorate a card...most people use this idea for their scrapbooks...I use it for making cards instead :). It's kinda tricky when trying to paste the wrapping paper on the card...takes a lot of patience to perform this task. Had to make sure the paper doesn't curl up or has air pockets after pasting. I see many card makers using fabric flowers or paper flowers to decorate the side of the card...but I decided to use rosettes with a button on it to achieve the look of a flower. :)

This particular card is one that I made for my client...the big flower on the side is made of paper...I cut the petals individually and arranged them in a form of a flower and glued them one by one...and added a flower button in the middle. I cut scallop patterns on the top of the card...something I learned from a paper craft magazine... :) This card is a bit bigger that the card above, so I get to use bigger punched out flowers to decorate the empty space on the top part of the card. Basically I just play with the colors available from the wrapping paper to choose what color is suitable to design the entire card.

Rosette with Songket motifs


I made this card especially for a client of mine. I decorated the card with lots and lots of dots of different colours. I even put some beads on it too! The rosette idea came about when a great friend of mine, CC, who gave me big laces to make rosettes...I couldn't use them for my card making because they were too big...so I thought, why not use some of my smaller laces to make the rosettes?! Yippee! Now I found another way of using my laces! Thanks CC! :)

You can see that the background of the card was decorated with a design I made using those tiny dots and punched out flowers and ribbons too. Actually if you look closely the top and bottom part of the design is made using a songket motif. ...which is the Bunga Tabur. But I fused it a bit and made it my own. :)

For the guys...


I have been having a hard time designing greeting cards for men and boys over the years. Every time I tried, they always look feminine :). So this time I gave it a try playing with colours and leaves. Colours that are more suitable for men or boys like different shades of browns. Using also wrapping paper and ribbon that matches the colours of the paper. What I like about this design is that I can use the card vertically or horizontally...both ways can be used when writing inside the card, as the design is made to suit both ways. :)

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