How to make Ketupat ribbons for Raya cards

Hello again!
It's March 2018 and I have been busy the past few weeks with lots of things. Early this year I was so obsessed with knitting, crocheting and also weaving. Most of the projects are still ongoing. Still not completed yet because I only do them during my free time, which is mostly at night while watching TV hahahah. But I think I might have to slow down or even stop my obsession for a while because I have a lot of cards to make before Ramadhan comes.

This post today is something that I have been meaning to do for years. It's a very simple tutorial and something that is very easy to do. This year, I got another request from one of my followers on Instagram. She is one of hundreds who have requested me to do it over the years, so  I made sure this year I would find the time to do it and share with everyone how I make these Ketupat ribbons.

As most of you know, I've been making them for so many years now in different sizes. Each year I would make it a point to make them for my Raya cards. In this tutorial, you'll see that I've only shown how to make the big size Ketupat ribbon. This is because it's easier for you to make the big ones compared to the small ones and it's easier for you to see and understand the process. Once you have mastered making the big ones, it would be easier for you to make them in any size you like.

Below are samples of Raya cards that I've made over the years using the Ketupat ribbons. But you can also see some really old ones that I made at the links below:

Hope you'll get inspired by them and make your own! Do check out my video below too. Thanks for watching and happy crafting! :)

Raya Card 2013 - Swing card

Raya card 2013 - Swing card

Raya card with tiny Ketupat ribbons

Raya card 2017

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