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How to make two tone tear drop shape quilling flowers

We are coming close to mid February and I'm blogging about something that I did last January! LOL! It's been a month since I last blogged here. And soon enough, after this I'll be blogging a lot more on what I did last January because January was so packed with crafting activities. Unfortunately, I just didn't have the time to blog about them then.
Last year I made quite a lot of this two tone tear drop shape quilling flower for my customers. I made quite a lot of cute thank you cards for them and decorated them with this flower. I even made a birthday card with this type of flower. Since so may requested for a tutorial for this flower, I tried to make one for them. I don't always get some free time to do it, but when I do, I try to make a few if possible.
I do hope many enjoyed the tutorial I uploaded on YouTube.....and tried to make this flower your own. For those who didn't manage to check it out earlier at my YouTube channel, you can check it out at the v…

My first Swing card

This is the first time ever for me to make my own Swing card. Some call it the Swivel card, some call it the Flip Flop card.......but I guess the name Swing card is the most commonly used among the card makers. Basically because the middle part of the card swings in motion when we open the card.
I really love how the middle part of the card swings in motion the minute I open it. I guess that's the main reason why I was attracted to the card and decided to experiment with it. It took me a while to decide on the measurements and fixed one that I was happy with.
This card is for a customer who requested me to make a birthday card for a 1 one year old boy who will be celebrating his 1st birthday soon. So I thought it would be fun to use this card layout for his birthday card. I'm sure he would love looking at the card swinging back and forth. It would cheer him up definitely :).

I love playing with the sponge stickers too! I bought them quite a while ago for me to use on bir…

The new LOVE card

V057 (NEW)
This is actually a Love Theme card design I made in June, can view the design at the link HERE. I made it once and never made another one again until recently when someone requested it from me. A lot of people have been asking me to make this card for them but I was always declining their requests. The only reason why I never made ready made stocks of this card at that time was because the quilling of the alphabets was a bit difficult for me to do as I'm not an expert in quilling alphabets and of course the pop up heart inside the card was super difficult for me to do as well.
But still I decided to take the challenge this time around and give it a go and surprisingly I managed to find a way to do it. It turned out to be quite easy this time around. It's a miracle that I managed to do it honestly. I finally figured out how to make the pop up heart from scratch. Before this, I traced the free pattern I got from the internet and it was quite small in size…

I miss you little red bird

I was playing with my new embossing folder last night and I thought of doing something I've never done before which is embossing the pattern just a little bit at the bottom of the card. So this way, I don't have to emboss the pattern on another paper and paste it on the card as the card itself is already embossed where I wanted it to be.
From there I figured out little by little how to create a design with the embossed card. Thought of something else at first but in the end it turned out to be a Love Theme Card instead. It was all because I wanted to use that frill die cut pattern. I thought of using it to make a branch for a quilled bird. And looks like it was suitable and I loved it. After die cutting the pattern, I then had to cut some of the frills in such a way to make it look like a branch so that the quilled bird can rest on it.
At first I didn't even want to add the distress ink......I wanted it to be a clean cut design.....but at the very last minute I starte…

Brown newspaper wrappers

A couple of months ago if I'm not mistaken I received some brown newspaper wrappers from Wholeport for me to play with. You can view the wrappers at the link HERE. I just love the pattern so much. I've been so busy with work, I didn't have time to experiment much these days. Don't get to make cards that much either. I miss experimenting with my craft materials.
I managed to get some free time yesterday to play with the wrappers and see what I can come up with. As you can see....not much! LOL! I thought of making bookmarks for guys using the wrappers but one thing led to another and in the end, it became a decoration for a card instead hehehehe!
I was also playing with my new die-cut patterns. I love the oval shape label a lot. Been wanting to get one for a while now. It's super that I got them now. I used to cut them up myself but of course it's much easier to cut using the machine and it will always cut them up beautifully with many different sizes. Th…

June 2013 Blog Giveaway

Hello again everyone!
June is finally here! Aren't you excited to welcome the new month? I am! :)
For June 2013 Blog Giveaway I decided to share with you some of my die-cut patterns by giving away some of the die cuts that you can view above....I don't have a lot of them right now in my collection....just a few. I also would like to give away some cardstock that are embossed with some of my embossing folders. There are three different types of embossed of patterns that I would like to share with the winner. Plus a broad ribbon from Wholeport and some colourful buttons! :) You can use them to embellish your cards, bookmarks, scrapbooks etc. All up to your imagination and creativity :).
You can try your luck at winning all these goodies by entering my blog giveaway....and it's super easy to enter. Just follow the instructions below:
1. Everyone is eligible to enter. I accept local and international entries. 2. Promote my blog giveaway link at your site......either at your b…

Winner of May 2013 Blog Giveaway

I'm early this month in announcing the winner :). Don't want to waste any time and make everyone wait and prolong the excitement. So here is the name of the winner for May 2013 Blog Giveaway.....lucky Miss Mikko! Do contact me and give me your full details so that I can post the gifts to you as soon as possible.
She will be receiving my lovely pattern templates. Those templates have been a great help for me during my early days in card I'm handing them over to someone else....hopefully they will benefit the person using them too.
I got something really nice for June 2013 Blog Giveaway. I can't wait to blog about it and share with everyone. It's something you all will definitely love hehehe.
Thank you to all who have participated in my May 2013 Blog Giveaway. For those who have never won anything from me, please do not give up hope in participating. I do appreciate your support and hope that you will always support my giveaways.
Thank you so much aga…