How to make a Teardrop Swirl Quilling flower tutorial

Hello again! I'm so delighted to share with everyone here about this quilling flower tutorial that I uploaded on my YouTube channel yesterday. Those who subscribes to my YouTube channel probably have already watched the tutorial. If not, please head straight to the video now at the link HERE to find out how you can make this Teardrop Swirl quilling flower.

As always, I decided to share the tutorial because there was so many requests for it. I get most of the requests from my followers on Instagram. They have seen photos of the Teardrop Swirl quilling flowers that I shared there early this year. At the time I was still experimenting on the shape and method of making it so that the shape will always turn out the same each time I make it. Now that I am happy with the method, I could share how to make it with everyone :).

For this quilling flower, I still use the same tool to make it, which is the flea comb. Same with the Triangle Twist flower, I still comb 3 different coloured quilling papers that are joined together. The only difference is how I shape the quilling paper after combing and pinching it. I cut my own quilling papers using my craft knife and metal ruler on a cutting mat. I still use the same A4 coloured printing paper which is 80gsm, so it's not that thick. I rarely shred my papers nowadays. I kinda prefer the clean cut quilling papers. I haven't tried making this flower using thicker papers and I don't think I will. I love making it using the 80gsm type of paper as it is not too thick or thin.

As for the size of the quilling strips...I'm using the same size quilling strips that I used for making the Triangle Twist quilling flower. Which is 5mm (width) and 297mm (length). But if you wish to use a bigger size or smaller size, it is totally fine...all up you, whatever you are comfortable with, whatever works for you. It is also ok to use shredded papers. But I prefer to not use shredded papers when making this vortex design as you want to be able to see the swirl design clearly. Shredded papers just doesn't give that kind of satisfaction for me. 

The Teardrop Swirl quilling flower you see above is made using 3 quilling strips joined together but you can also use 2 quilling strips to make each petal. I've tried making a petal using just one quilling strip unfortunately it was just too difficult to do. With the Triangle Twist, I was able to make the petal using one quilling strip. So 2 or 3 quilling strips for this Teardrop Swirl quilling flower is just nice! Not less than that.

At the moment, I could only make stock of this Teardrop Swirl quilling flower. I want to make a lot of them in different colours and sizes. When the time comes, I want to use them for certain projects. It's always good to prepare early.

Well, that's all for April. This year, I'm focusing more on taking care of my health. Once in a while I'll try to make some quilling tutorials (I do hope that is possible, in shaa Allah), I'm praying for my good health. Do pray for me too ya! Haha! 


map said...

This was supposed to be a tutorial! What happened? I learned that I had to use 2 or 3 strips, but no instructions were given.

Ana said...

I think you didn't read through. Azlina did include the link to her tutorial video.

Unknown said...

thank you so much for explaining how to make this flower, I was going to skip trying it as it seemed too complicated but you made it so easy to follow, I can't wait to use it in my pictures as I go forward. it is very beautiful and thank you for sharing your skills.

BLOGHUB said...

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