Hello everyone!
I'm happy to share with you another quilling tutorial today. Been wanting to do this tutorial for years now but never got around to doing it till now. I'm so glad I finally get to do it this year! I've gotten so many requests for this tutorial from subscribers on YouTube and from followers on Instagram. 

If you are new to my blog you probably didn't know that I've done quilling love birds before. Way back in 2010 to be exact. Back then, the design was simpler. I did improved on it and made more as years go by. The last time I made one was in 2015 if I'm not mistaken. You can view the old posts on my quilled birds by clicking HERE.

This year I wanted to improve on it even more by making it 3D and did some small changes on the shape. I planned on using the love birds as decoration on my handmade card soon. Will reveal the completed card here when it's done. Still working on the little details.

Do check out the quilling video tutorial below and make your own version of the love birds today! Thank you for watching! :)

Featured in All Things Paper's blog!

Hello everyone!
I'm super duper excited to share with everyone here about this feature! I couldn't believe it at first but it's true! One of my recent YouTube video was chosen to be featured at Ann Martin's, All Things Paper's blog as one of the 10 MOST FAVOURITE QUILLING VIDEOS!! How cool is that?? The link is below, do check it out!


The video that was featured was the one about how I cut and embossed paper using the pasta machine. I never thought that one day I would get myself a pasta machine to cut paper, LOL! It's just so funny! I would never use it to make pasta though. I'm not that interested in that. All I care about is paper.

Special thanks to Ann Martin for choosing me to be part of this feature. I'm truly honored to be listed. All the quilling artists who were featured with me are special in their own way but some of them are those whom I'm a huge fan of! 

So do check out the blogpost and see it for yourself especially if you are a quilling lover. You will definitely learn something new from those videos featured there :).

How to make the 235 quilling flower

Hello everyone!!
New video tutorial for everyone! Been so long since I last made one, I wish I have the energy to do more. Truly. 

You must be wondering why I name the flower 235 right? Well I did explain why in the video tutorial, but what the heck, I'll tell you now why I chose that name. It's simply because I used 2mm, 3mm and 5mm quilling papers to make that flower. LOL! Yes I know it's a little funny but nevermind I don't care. I made it and I'll name it whatever I want hahaha!

You'll get to learn a trick or two by watching the video as I go through step by step on how to make the flower. It's time consuming to make just one flower but the results is awesome. Do check out the video tutorial below and make lots of 235 quilling flowers today! Thank you!

Hello Sweetheart - Quilling + String art card

Hello again everyone!
Happy to share another one of my quilling + string art card series today.  I still have a few more in progress with different colour combinations and arrangements.  This card is filled with pink colours in the background. There's those pink polka dots layered on top of a dark pink card stock. Then there's pink flowers, pink butterflies and pink sentiments! 

I think this is my first time trying out this colour palette. The brown string art circle match well with pink, yellow and green. I wish I had a different type of green paper for this combo but I didn't have a lot of choice for the green paper and  so the light green seemed to go well with the combo. Make do of what I have! ;)

I really really love that Hello Sweetheart die from In Love Arts Shop! It's perfect! With tiny little hearts and all together with the sentiment! Cool! I die cut the dark pink sentiment 3 times and layered them to give it a special raised effect. Loved the results. I don't have anymore problems cutting them even though the design is a bit intricate. 

Another first for me is making that big 3 layer pink and beige flower. Now that I can cut 2mm, 3mm and 5mm paper on my own, I can now experiment more on combining them in a single flower. Just a simple one and I loved it. D Will definitely do more with different techniques.

The whole idea here is to try new things, and be creative, that's  what ignites the fire within to craft more. I personally love to challenge myself every time so that I will always have the drive. 

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