Cute pictures....

I got this really pretty wrapping paper with pictures of cute little boys and girls.....I just adore the colour they used for the pictures....the shades of brown, oranges, creams, black, soft green....just so pretty!

Then I cut them up along the lines....all of the pictures from the wrapping paper are not of the same size and it was really tricky to sort them and figure out how to use them in the best way. But I did a design for a card and some bookmarks too. I made a few paper beaded bookmark using those pictures as you can see above. Click here to view the bookmarks in detail in my bead blog.


I really like this card for it's colours.....the mix of brown, mustard yellow, gold and dark brown just suits each other real well. The dots of gold completes everything else. I used the picture from the wrapping had to be cut this way because the picture was not square or rectangular in shape. So decided to choose this shape as it is something different from what I have done before. This card has a paper insert in it just like all of my other cards, to write on personal wishes. It also comes with a matching handmade beige envelope. :)

Pure white and a touch of silver....


I came up with this idea today when my aunt told me that she needed some cards made for her to use.......errrrmmmmm, a card design that would be suitable for all occasions.....she was specific about the the type of paper she wanted though....the white embossed swirling vines paper....she is in lurve with it! :) This card comes with a white handmade envelope and is left blank on the inside for writing in personal wishes. I wish I had a broader white organza ribbon for the card would have been a lot nicer....but I just used what is available in my ribbon collection....I added a string of beads to the knot of the ribbon....just to add some sparkle to it hehehe :). And for the flowers....this time around I added the silver dots to them so that they would match the silver ribbon.... Such a simple card indeed! :)



Last Sunday I went to the hypermarket and saw some really interesting looking confetti sold there......I thought it would be cool to buy some for me to use for my new birthday card designs.....I finally had the chance to try them out today.

The confetti are very thin but not so fragile and I find the thickness of it similar to some type of sequins I find in the craft store. So it's easy enough to work with. I just love the wordings as it does come in a variety of colours but the balloons and stars are only available in gold colour.....but it's ok, I love them anyways.

 It sparkles and shines really nicely on the card. Can't wait to use them again for another birthday card design soon! :) As you can see the card comes with a soft pink handmade envelope and is left blank on the inside for writing on personal wishes.

Happy Diwali 2008!


For the first time in my life, I have finally designed a Deepavali card this year's not that big in size, just an A6 size card. Start small as they say hehehe......I chose the oil lamp as the main motif for the card......which is the symbol of light over darkness. I love the card for it's colours, sequins and it's simplicity I suppose......but the colour sure does attracts the eye. I chose those colours because they remind me of the fabrics from the Indian traditional clothes. I've seen some that uses these colour combinations before.....and I love them :). The background of the card does look like the patterns on fabrics....especially with the sequins on them....and the gold dots represents the beads.....most traditional Indian dresses incorporates lots of sequins and beads on I guess I was inspired by them when designing a card for Deepavali.....

"Deep"/ "Dip" means "light of the dharma", and "avali" means "a continuous line". The more literal translation is "rows of clay lamps". Deepavali or Diwali is a major colourful festival for all Indians around the world.....and it is also a very signigficant festival for all believers of Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism. It is also commonly called as the "Festival of Light". The lights or lamps marks the triumph of good over evil....and the victory of light over darkness.

Easter bunny in basket 2


This is the 3rd design I made.......another Easter card that I had to scan. Luckily nowadays I have the digital camera and capturing the design is made easier :) This design is made using one of my tall slim cards......and the bunny is standing upright hehehe....smiling away :). Probably because of all the Easter eggs surrounding it! LOL!.......

Easter bunny in basket


Ok....this is the second Easter card design I did for my customer.......I made 3 designs for I will post the other 3rd one after this heheh......this design has the bunny in the basket filled with Easter eggs and flowers all around.

Actually the hard part of making Easter cards is cutting out the Easter eggs one by one....since they are so small in can get pretty tricky! I wish I had a craft punch for that! would make things easier for me :)

Easter bunny


This is my first Easter day card design....... :) I made this design for my first online customer in 2007. But I didn't upload the photos on my blog that fact there are a lot more designs that I have not upload yet here! hehehe!

The design that I actually made for my customer had some little changes to the Easter egg.....the Easter egg was colorful unlike the one you see here........I didn't have the time to scan the final design that time, I didn't have a digital camera and most of my designs were scanned by the printer.

The Easter bunny and the eggs were hand drawn and hand cut.....didn't have any special puncher to do all everything had to be done by hand....... :).

The falling leaves....


I just got carried away with this one ;). Glued on the card 4 types of leaf....3 of the leaves were done using craft punch and one was hand drawn and cut out by hand...I just had fun pasting them on the card.... :) The card comes with a beige handmade envelope and is blank on the inside for writing on personal wishes.

A bouquet.....


I had a hard time designing this was really difficult to make...half way through I almost gave up hehhehehe............ the bouquet of flowers took a lot of my time because of the sewing. I sew the beads and sequins on the white paper....and later pasted the white paper with two other layers of paper. I love the lace at the top and bottom of the card....the lace was cut out from a bigger piece of lace.....I only wanted that part of the lace for this design so I had to cut it out from the original lace itself.....and that was not an easy task to do either hehehe.......the butterfly were traced on paper using a template and later cut out by hand....

I think this card would be suitable to be given to a bride and groom on their wedding wish them all the best in their future as husband and wife.... The card is left blank for writing on personal wishes.....and comes with a soft pink handmade envelope...

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