Craft gathering at Scrap-N-Crop!

Gosh! A lot has happened since the last time I blogged here. February is coming to an end and I just had to blog about something for this month and what better story to tell than blogging about the craft gathering I attended last Saturday. It was held at a craft store called Scrap-n-Crop at Bandar Sg. Long, Kajang on the 22nd of February. We were there from 11.00AM till about 5.00PM. 6 hours of non stop awesomeness!!

I was such in a hurry to go, so much so that I forgot to bring my camera to the gathering! I left it at my hotel room.....luckily there were others who brought theirs and the photos above were taken by my fellow crafters, Hambali and also Hazira. Thank you to both of you for letting me use the photos for this post.

It was really memorable. It was a blast! I haven't had so much fun like that in a long time. I'm so happy that my friend Sazalina, invited me to join in the fun. I wasn't too sure if I could attend it in the beginning since I have problems traveling at the moment....especially if it's long distance. Getting something to eat is always an issue plus my feet is killing me....but I really was strict in taking care of my health before the trip so I was good to go!

I did prepared something to swap with another fellow crafter. Each one of us were asked to prepare one and I made an A6 size handbound book with French stitch binding. It looks like the photo below. The book went to Dayang Marina. I met her for the first time on that day. I hope she will take good care of my book hehehehe! ;) I met many new crafters that day. Really lovely!

In return I got a swap from Asma' Ahmad Bahari....who is one of my favourite Malaysian crafter....she made a Daisy stitch hand-bound book. It's so cute....and the best part is that she made it on the gathering day itself and I had the chance to look at how it was done. Below is the book she made.

Oh! By the way....I also got the chance to learn how to do the Daisy stitch hand-bound book from Asma'.....I thought it was going to be difficult to do but I was so happy that it wasn't as tough as I thought it would be. I didn't get to decorate it much....made a very simple one! Below is the book I made during the fact it was the only thing I did...LOL!!! Because I spend a lot of my time teaching other crafters how to make the French stitch hand-bound book. It was a lot of fun! Although I got so nervous at one point, my hands were shaking. We had a good laugh about that. Perhaps it was also because I was hungry. Hahahaha!

I also had the chance to shop at the craft store after the gathering was over. The place is like heaven....I think I can spend hours there and not get bored at all. Seriously! There's still a lot of things there I didn't get the chance to explore. I hope to get to join more craft gatherings in future. It's so much fun to learn new things from other fellow crafters. ;)

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