A smaller version...

A simple birthday tag on the inside of the card.....


I don't know why I love this design so much right now....maybe it has to do with the many different brown colors and how it suits with the gold color too. Although I have done this design before in a bigger sized card, but this time I did it in a smaller size like this. It comes in different patterned paper on the card..and there's no numbers on it like the ones I've done before.

It's just a simple card to be given along with a present or simply on it's own to the birthday boy or guy. :) This design could be called as a limited edition since the patterned paper are all different for each card. Also because there aren't many of these made since the paper is limited as well since it depends on the stock availability.

27th Birthday...


This card is similar to the one I made for my uncle's birthday a couple of months ago. However there are some differences in the choices of paper strips that I used and some additional add ons to this particular birthday card. This time around the color of the paper strips are more matching to the patterned paper I used and the gold confetti adds a special effect to it. I even added more strips than before and also more gold dots too, so there is less space left on the base of the card. Even the wordings on the inside of the card is different as it has two tones of colors to match the patterned paper. This card was made especially for my sister's friend who's celebrating his 27th birthday. All the best wishes to him! :)

Glittering snow man

Along with the handmade card, there is also a handmade soft blue
envelope to match it.

There's a simple Christmas wish inside the card!

A white color paper insert inside the card to write your Christmas wishes.

A smiley snowman sprinkled with glitters!

A very simple Christmas card of a snow man with a red scarf and red black hat! I used the white strips of paper to make the snow and some snow dots falling down on the snow man. The glitters adds a perfect touch to create an illusion of the sparkling snow.

A birthday cupcake

This card comes with a matching red handmade envelope.
This view shows the inside of the card, with the beige color paper insert.

I am pretty excited about this cupcake card. It's my first attempt at making cards using cupcake as a subject. I love using the gold glitters on the icing of the cupcake....so much fun doing that! And a cherry on top with a birthday wish stuck in the cupcake! :) More cupcake cards to come soon! :)

Happy Birthday Kak!!!! :)

Front view of my sister's birthday card...very funny hehehe :) the cows looked so happy with their cakes hehehe.....just like me and my sis, whenever we are enjoying our cakes :).

Top view...you could see the paper insert in the card which is yellow in color to match the card.

The tag...very simple, taken from the same wrapping paper and I wrote there at the cake (34th) to show her age hehehe.....picture not that clear though :(

Love working with these patterned papers as there is so much one can do with it and it's so easy to use. I was out of ideas to do a birthday card for my sis this year..... I want to be funny and cheerful.... not the feminine type or girlish ones, because I know she wouldn't like those kinds hehehe.... so, since she was born in the year of the Cow and love eating cakes so much, I decided that this patterned paper would be most suitable to use for her birthday card. I was also inspired by the colors of Deepavali (that was celebrated last week) .... which explains why I used lots of oranges and yellow and red in this design...love the warm cheerful colors...a warm and cheerful birthday for my dear sis! :)

For the two most important men in her life....

A combination of hues of brown, gold and maroon colored paper for this romantic themed birthday card for my client's hubby. :)

Shown here is the handmade card with the matching handmade envelope.

A card made especially for my client's dear father on his 60th birthday. With hues of browns and oranges, inspired by the autumn season.

A matching handmade envelope for the card :)

These two precious handmade cards are for my lovely client who ordered them especially for the two most important men in her life right now.......and they are her dear hubby and her dear father :). Both are made with love and has a special birthday message printed and decorated inside the card. I won't be showing the birthday message here as it is quite private, so I'm just posting the photos of the card and envelope for all to see. :)

Birthday Glitters

A close up of the glitters

View on the inside of the card

This is a cute little gift package that I made from scratch and glued it on the paper insert in the card. I also placed a birthday tag on it too as a simple birthday message.

A close up of the card with the wordings and number


Glitter crazy :). I experimented with glitters just the other day and tried to use glue to hold the glitters and presto! Got it!!! It was a bit difficult doing it on wordings as compared to dots or simple lines...but I managed to do it in the end! :) I do know that in the market there is glitter glue sold with special bottle and nozzles to make it easier to decorate on cards but since I already have the glitters at home, I wanted to try to make it my own way. Tomorrow is Nick's birthday and hopefully she will love it :)

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