Die-cut bookmarks

I've been wanting to make these bookmarks for a long time now. Ever since I bought that die cut label shape , I knew I wanted to use it for making bookmarks. The shape of the pattern was exactly what I wanted for my bookmarks.

I had the idea of using the wrapping paper I got from Wholeport to make the background for the bookmarks. I just love how it looks. This gives me more ideas of using the other pattern paper I have to make bookmarks such as this. I received a lot of  wrappping paper of the same design from Wholeport and I was thinking of what to make of them. And this was just perfect. 

A good friend of mine ordered these bookmarks from me to give to her close friends. I suggested that the bookmark should have some wordings at the back, that's why she chose the wordings you see at the back of the bookmark. She loved that one the most. I didn't have a lot of rubber stamps with wordings for her to choose though......I would have had to print some other wordings if she couldn't find anything that she liked. I really love stamping on those oval die cut label shapes. :)

I also had fun making those Teary loops flowers........first time for me to use them to decorate on my new project. I love making simple projects like these sometimes and it would be nice to make extra for me to keep and use as well. I like to have something nice in hand in case I need them to give away to friends or family. :)

Double star loop flower tutorial

This is another one of the quilled flowers design that I made at the same time I was making the Teary loop flowers about 2 weeks ago I've done a flower that is similar to this one before as you can see at the link HERE. The only difference is in the way I arranged the amount of cascading loops to form the flower. Even the shape of the flower was made differently from this one. Honestly I prefer this latest design compared to the one I made back in 2011. ;)

I took some time off today to make this video tutorial. Had to shoot the video a few times because there were so many disturbances as I was making it. In the end it was finally done and I had to be happy with it even though it was not exactly how I want it to be. I was too tired to make a new one ehehehehe. Hope everyone find the video tutorial easy to understand and find the steps easy to follow too. Enjoy the video and happy quilling combing! :)

Teary loops flower tutorial

I made these teary loops flowers recently but didn't have the time to make a tutorial of it at the time. Finally I had some time off today to make one and share with everyone. It's a very simple quilled flower made using a hair comb and some colourful quilling paper.

You can view the tutorial at the video below. Hope it is easy for everyone to understand and follow. Thanks for taking the time to watch and happy quilling everyone! ;)

Quilled flower arrangement for wedding


Another first attempt for me! Yes, this is the first time I had to make a quilled flower arrangement that will be pasted on a wedding guestbook. I was a bit unsure of doing this at first since it's not my favourite thing to do. But after much persuasion and thought, I decided to give it a try. At least once in my life, I would try to make one.

After accepting the offer, I had quite a hard time deciding on the type of flowers I would make. My customer did requested that the flowers be arranged around the rectangular board so that it would look like a frame and then add some wordings at the center of it. She also wanted the colour combination be all in pastel colours and all the wordings in brown colour. So all I had to do then was to decide on what type of flowers I would make.

I've done a lot of quilled Malaysian flowers and Husking flowers for my quilled frames before so I didn't want to do the same thing again for this one. After much thought I decided to make the Lovely loops flower. It's something I rarely make and it's quite difficult to make as well. It was a good challenge for me. And for the first time too, I made them in two different sizes.

Oh yes! This is also the first time for me to try make those chubby butterflies! ehehe! I love them! It was really fun to make them. I saw a tutorial on how to make them on Pinterest long time ago and been wanting to make them for so long now but been too busy to try them out. So I thought that this would be the best time to give it a try since my customer did request for me to make a couple of butterflies for the quilled flower arrangement.

If you would like to try and make those Lovely loops flower, you can view my video tutorial below on how to make them. ;)

Gift cards for school teachers

It's been a long long time since I last took any orders for gift cards. I thought I would never take orders to make them again but this time I had to because it's a special request from a special customer......who is actually my Mom's friend. LOL! Whenever it's for her friends, I can never say NO. ;)

So off I went to start on the project a couple of months ago. It's a lot of work.....120 pieces of gift cards to be made. I was lucky because I was given full freedom to design it anyway I like it and so I immediately thought of using the die cut patterns for this project since it's the easiest way to make the card look fancy in a short period of time.

I also wanted to use the quilling technique since my customer has never seen this technique before and I thought it would be great to introduce it to her and her fellow staffs in school since the gift cards are actually meant for the school teachers. So I just did a simple tear drop shape flower and some frills here and there with a couple of leaves to the design to make it look complete. It's a very simple design indeed.

I took photos that showed the progress of the gift cards I made from time to time.....from the early stages till the very end. I wished I had more time to make mass production of gift cards but sometimes it can bore me if I keep doing the same thing over and over again. So I will definitely try to avoid taking orders such as this any time soon. I prefer to be more inventive and creative in other types of card designs. I miss doing that. Haven't been doing it for the past 2 months now. Been so busy with other projects and also been pretty slow with work because of my ill health. I seriously hope I'll be feeling better in the next few months so that I can be more productive. I'm just glad that my customer is happy with the cards I made for her. It makes all the hard work worth the while. ;)

May 2013 Blog Giveaway

Hello everyone....! ;)

Another month, another giveaway......I've been thinking of what to give this month and I thought of giving away some of the pattern templates that I have in my collection.

These pattern templates are great for creating your own designs and patterns on cards, bookmarks etc. :)

If you wish to own them, you can try your luck by entering this giveaway.

The rules are the same as usual.......please view the list below:

1. Everyone is eligible to enter.....I accept all entries from Malaysia and also international entries.
2. All you have to do is PROMOTE this giveaway post at your site.....either your blog or your Facebook.
3. Copy the link of where you promoted this giveaway and post it at Mr Linky, write your name there too.
4. Please follow my blog and fan page too.

This giveaway starts today till 11.59pm on 31st May 2013

Winner of April Blog Giveaway

First time ever I think......the winner goes to the first person who entered the giveaway! Wow! Cool!

The lucky winner is none other than Pathumavathy Ramanathan! Hope you can contact me as soon as you can with all your full details so that I can post you the gifts soon. :)

I already have something in mind to giveaway for May's blog giveaway.....hopefully I can post about it by tomorrow. I haven't been so active lately in creating or blogging. Been so busy with other projects and also I have not been well as most of you already know......I hate feeling sick all the time.....but that's how it is and I'm trying my best to get well and be active again.

Hopefully I can post some of the things I've been doing lately and share with you what I've done so far. Thank you so much to everyone who have been so supportive.....thank you for always visiting my blog and leaving your comments here.....love you all so much. :)


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