How to make multicoloured square vortex - Quilling tutorial

Hello everyone!
I know many of you are still having problems quilling multicoloured square vortex shapes. So did I years ago! LOL! On a good day I could make lots of them, but there are times when it really tests my patience and hurts my fingers! haha!

I have to say that I thought of a new way of making the multicoloured square vortex shapes coincidentally as I was doing quilling. Been busy with other stuff lately that I have stopped quilling for  a few weeks. But when I started quilling again, the idea came to mind, alhamdulillah. Such a blessing because I love the multicoloured square vortex shapes a lot. But making them can be a burden to me and to some people and I'm so happy that it's no more the case now. I can now make as many of them as I like. I'm super happy about that. 

In the video tutorial that I made back in 2016, I made the multicoloured square vortex shapes using 3mm shredded papers and I used the slotted quilling tool. In my new video tutorial, I used clean cut 5mm quilling paper that I cut by hand piece by piece and I used a flea comb instead as a tool. So it's totally different from what I did years ago. 

A lot of people have been asking me about the type of paper I used to make the multicoloured square vortex. Well, I have stated in the video tutorial the type of paper I used and most of the time it has always been A4 80gsm printing paper. I don't buy standard quilling papers for my quilling craft. I prefer to make them myself. Either I cut them piece by piece or use the manual paper shredder or the pasta machine. 

Please watch the new video and see how easy it is to make the square vortex shapes. You'll be surprised! 

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