Quilling comb

This is what I've been playing with since yesterday! A quilling comb! I've just received this quilling comb yesterday afternoon and been playing with it ever since.....I'm totally addicted to it now haha! It's so much fun! I didn't realise how easy it was to use it :D.

I've been wanting to try out this technique for quite a while now but never really had the chance. I decided to order it one day and I'm so glad I did! I know that I can actually do this technique using a normal hair comb but I thought that this quilling comb is so much easier to handle and furthermore it has numbers on it that makes it easier for me to make the patterns in standard sizes. 

Here are some of the experiments I did yesterday and today. Check out the different patterns of flowers and leaves and also the butterflies I made using this technique. You can also make wings for angels and birds and dragonflies with it and many more! All up to our own creativity! You can also combine this combing technique with the looping technique and the coiling technique! :D

Weaving the blue and brown hearts


Another birthday card design for a guy. I almost cracked my head trying to figure out a new design for this one and at the end of the day, at the very last minute......I used my usual concept with a different layout and it worked! Phew! I'm so happy that my customer approved it otherwise I don't know what I would do considering the deadline is today hahaha.....there is no way I can come up with a new design and get it done by today. So it's a great relieve when she said she loved it! :D

My customer also requested a pop up inside and she gave me full freedom to design it anyway I like and I decided to do the weaving technique for the pop up and weaved some heart shapes to it. I also decorated the background with lots and lots of hearts in different sizes and colours. Level of difficulty ---> 7/10 haha!

Special offer for quilling starter pack!!!

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(Sorry, stock for quilling starter pack are all sold out, will restock soon)
Hello everyone! I'm doing a special offer for quilling beginners. I'm offering a special price for quilling products you see at the photo above. This is so that a lot more people can enjoy the pleasures of quilling! :) I am not including glue in this pack because you can get the glue easily at any stationery stores in your area compared to the other items. :)

The price for the quilling starter pack is RM25.50.....but I'm now offering it with a special price which is only RM23.00 per pack!!! See below for full details on the price and cost of delivery within Malaysia.

  *Check the multicolour shredded quilling paper at the link below:

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