Tri-shutter birthday card with pop up cake


How long has it been since I last made a tri-shutter card. It's been ages I'll bet! Oh how I miss making it so much! So much so that when I had a request to make a pop up cake birthday card, I couldn't help but use a tri-shutter card stock as the base. 

I've never made a tri-shutter card with a pop up cake inside it before. Big pop up heart shapes.... I've done that before in tri-shutters....but never a pop up cake in tri-shutters. I just had to give it a go! The pop up cake that I did was a 3 layer birthday it was a bit big for the space inside a tri-shutter card. If it was just a 1 or 2 layers, it would have been easier. But since the request was for a 3 layers cake (because I've done a few before on other birthday cards ....hence the request 😁) I did my best to fit them in. The pop up cake is not die cut by the way. It was done from scratch....hand yours truly 😀....not something that was easy to do. Painstakingly hand cut and pasted inside the card.

Die cuts pattern from Die-Namics Prima Donna petals seem to be a favourite with me lately. I just love using them for decorations on my handmade cards. They turn out beautiful every time because they are die cuts. Never have to worry if I didn't cut the petals in uniform shapes and sizes. They will always look the same. That's the beauty of die cuts! Yay! The only thing different will be the types of papers used to make the flowers. You could always change the colours to make them stand out and fit any card design. I personally love to use pattern papers nowadays as opposed to plain ones. Because the pattern papers gives them character.

The birthday wish on the card was done with a calligraphy pen. I just love using that gold ink! I'm obsessed with it really! It's just so pretty as it looks embossed when it's dry. Nothing beats writing it yourself. Even if it's not's yours. So I'm happy with it. It took me a long time to get it right. It's normal. Because I'm no expert. Experts usually get it right the first time, but it usually takes me 5 to 6 times to be happy with it hahahaha.....yes, I do waste the ink a bit.....but that's how you get your practice. Otherwise you'll never learn.

This birthday card was actually made for a very special lady who is currently struggling with her health right now. I do hope that when she receives this card, it will cheer her  up and make her feel happy. I also hope that she will recover soon from all her complications. May Allah bless her always with good health. 

Do check out my video below too. You'll be able to see how the tri-shutter card looks as it opens and closes. Hope you'll enjoy it!! :)

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