Cute little daisy....



Alhamdulillah.....the internet connection is working again :). So today I am able to post some gift cards that I made for my aunt's friend. She loves to order them in quite a large quantity....and place money in them to give away as a gift to the newlyweds. It's a simple design.....scattered paper daisy flowers that I made using a small craft punch. I wanted to make more of this design with different color papers but I only have two organza ribbons of white and gold color. She loves pastel color I will be posting two more designs of gift cards that I made for her after this.... :)

Internet connection problem! Urrrghhh!

Hello everybody! Here I am today at the internet cafe, with great regret, I have to make this announcement regarding my online store. I am experiencing yet another problem! Urrrgggghhh! Yes people....another sickening problem regarding this internet thingy hehehe......well, I am not sure why, but for the past few days I have been experiencing problems connecting to the internet. Not sure what is wrong with the Streamyx broadband huhuhuhu..... :(. And because of that I have not been online as much as I can to entertain your emails and inquiries regarding my handmade card orders. But every now and then I will go check my emails at the internet cafe and reply your inquiries as soon as I possibly can.

Also.....I will be away for the next 4 I won't be online at all starting tomorrow 14/10 till Saturday 17/10. I really really hope by next week all my problems concerning this matter will be over and so that I can resume with work smoothly. I really am trying my best to be there for everyone.

So, if anyone out there is interested to purchase my handmade cards, please be patient....I will be available again for work, next week on 18/10....... :)

Thank you again for your support towards my online store....I really appreciate it. Truly sorry for any inconvenience!!!

Blue heart button and sequin card.....the finale...

V015b (with pop up hearts)

V015a (with pop up hearts)
Finally! It's done! thing I forgot to do is the envelope!! But it's ok.....that one I can do later hehehe......I'm excited to upload these photos first....the envelopes can wait hehehe.....

At first I was contented to leave the heart shape buttons and sequins card as it is without any laces or extra embellishments added to it.....then when my Mom saw it, she told me that it would look a lot better with some borders around the heart.....huh??? BORDERS????? HOW???? Well, she couldn't answer.....but all she said that something is missing to this design and I should figure it out myself! LOL! So here is what I came up with.....and she was pretty happy about it, especially with the one with the laces at the top and bottom of the card. I also added the pop up heart shapes inside the card. I had a hard time figuring out what color would match.....I didn't have a lot of colored paper that would be I just used what was available. :) Loving it so far! hehehe!

Blue heart buttons and sequins......


I have a plan for this new card design....I wanted to give this to a very dear friend of mine who lives far far away. She loves the color blue and purple too. And heart shapes are her favorite motif! hehehehe! I haven't done any wordings or pop up inside it yet. It's a bit bigger than the other buttons and sequins card as it is half the size of an A4. I'm planning on doing something to it tomorrow if possible. I'm still working on this card but am just so excited to show everyone this new design. I'll take more photos of it once it's all done with the envelope and view on the inside of the card as well.

I was thinking of adding something to the front of the card to make it a little different from the previous design. I hope it will be suitable and not spoil the whole design. Well, I guess we will just have to wait and see how it turns out in the end. Till then!

Oh by the way.....if anyone is interested to purchase this card with this simple design without any pop up or wordings, do let me know!!! ;) TQ!!!

A moo moo bufday ;)

Example of wordings and tag inside the card




Hehehe.....I got three moo moo birthday cards for of it is already booked by my customer and the other two will be for anybody who is interested to purchase them! LOL! :) As you can see the picture of the cute little cows are different from one another, none of them are exactly the same if you look closely.

This is actually not a new design.....I've made this before some years ago....the material I used for the pattern is actually a print from a wrapping paper. Wrapping paper is a good material to use for card making. But you have to get the good quality ones so that it will last longer. I love using it especially for this type of layout. It works great this way! :)

The golden heart.....


This design is definitely not something new but there is something new that I added to it to make it look more complete. That new addition to the design is the gold glitter glue which I added a lot in all the teeny tiny spaces in between the buttons and sequins. Those tiny spaces can't be filled anymore with tiny sequins or beads, so I thought glitter glue is the best solution to for it so far. It's easy to apply and the end result is great as it makes the heart shape sparkle when it hits the light. Love it so much. :)

This card design was left empty or blank with no wordings on it or inside it.....but there is a pop up heart shape inside it with colors that match the card design. I haven't done this design for awhile now, so when I got an order for this again I realized how hard it is to do takes such a long time to finish the design.....especially the front design where I have to glue all the tiny sequins.... :D This design is suitable for Valentines Day or for any occasion whatsoever..... :)

Working again.....


Phew! I was really relieved when my printer magically started to function again last few days ago. I was thinking of which computer shop I can go to repair it but fortunately for me it's ok now. I started to take orders again after the Eid and this was one of the cards that I had to make. I was so happy that I was able to print the wordings otherwise I would have to figure out a way to write it myself or stamp it......that would be difficult...printing is always easiest! hehehe.... This design is exactly the same as HB041 except that the wordings on this card is a little bigger because there is no name printed on it other than Happy Birthday.

But anyways, I have been thinking of doing some rubber stamping projects though....the designs will be out soon....still working on them hehehe....till then!!

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