Miniature ketupat on cards


My one and only raya card designs this year is mainly based on the ketupat as the subject matter. In this case, they are miniature small as the 10 cents coin...hehehe. I used the smallest ribbon I have in my collection and made these teeny tiny ribbon ketupat and arranged them in the simplest way. 

The design is so simple. But I used pretty card stocks for the design to give it a really nice touch. One is a metallic white card stock and the other is metallic gold in colour. It's so difficult to get a really good quality white card stock around Alor Setar but I was lucky to find one recently and it's the only one left in stock at the shop! So I bought one whole rim of it! LOL!

The card is an A6 size card and I'll just put simple raya wishes inside it. This is for my own personal use. I think I'll have some time this year to send raya cards for my relatives and friends......well, I hope I'll be able to post them that I never seem to have the time to do so. :P

I have to make some for my Mom to use as well, she wants to send some raya cards to her friends......she's always looking forward to get free cards from me heheheeh...... :D Well, with simple designs like this, perhaps she can. ;)

Happy 33rd Birthday


I've been having issues with my computer for a while now but I didn't want that to effect my work and alhamdulillah so far everything is under control. I managed to get all my orders done on time. This is the last handmade card order for this month and soon I'll be able to concentrate on other projects at hand. Yes! Yes! Yes! Can't wait to start on the other projects hehehe. :)

I'm not really good at making cards for the you all know by now, most of my designs are very girlish hehehe. So it's always a bit difficult for me when I have to design a card that needs to look manly. My customer did request that the card should be in colours like black, red and gold colours so I combined all those three colours for this birthday card. I used my metallic gold card stock which I love so much and add in the other two colours to it. 

I decided to use ribbons and beads to decorate the card with. I love using this technique to mix and match a few types of ribbons together. And adding those beads to it too really does adds a special touch. The black polka dots were glued on the metallic gold card stock one by one. I marked the places where the dots should be and glued those paper polka dots on it. Frankly I love doing that.....just love looking at it when it all comes together.

My customer wanted me to use a similar pop up from the HB059 card design for this birthday card and so I did, but I changed the color combination to match the colours of the card and I also changed the wordings on the big pop up heart. I've also done another similar pop up pattern at this V022 can click on the links at the card codes to view the cards :). So this is the 3rd time I've done this type of pop up and I realised how patient I need to be to glue all those tiny hearts on the pop up heart one by one. It took me hours to get it done. I've forgotten what feels like to do it since I haven't made this type of pop up in a very long time. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the design and hopefully my customer feels the same way too! ;)

Ketupat on bookmarks




I was requested to make 3 paper beaded bookmarks recently. My customer was interested in a bookmark design I made long ago from my Anilza Beads blog. The bookmark has a name on it and some shapes of stars scattered on it too. All carved out by hand. Check it out at the link HERE.

So I did a similar design for the 3 bookmarks she requested with 3 different names and colour combinations. My customer also requested that I added a ribbon ketupat at the back of the bookmark and leave some space below it for her to write some wishes on it. So I thought why not paste a small piece of paper below the ketupat for her to write on because the colour of the bookmark is quite dark and it would be difficult to see the wordings on it if she writes on it using a regular pen unless she has a special light coloured ink pen. So that's the reason for that small piece of paper below the ribbon ketupat :).

I have to say I had fun making those ribbon ketupats last night. I haven't made any since last year. ;) So this was a fun little project eheheheh :).

Our 3rd Anniversary


About a month ago, I received an order to make a tri shutter card for my customer and in the beginning I thought I was not going to be able to pull if off because the idea for the card just never arrived when I wanted it to. It came at the very end. haha! That is usually the case with me. Ideas, don't come by whenever I want them to so I took quite a while to get this order done. But I was so happy that I managed to get it done on time :). 

My customer requested that the card be in red and black in color. She did liked the TOY002 tri shutter card that is red and black in color too but I wanted to try and do a different design for her instead. I don't have pattern papers in hand. Never bought them before. The only ones I have are the ones given to me by a friend and I prefer not to use them for my customers as I wish to use them for myself hehehe! So, for my customer I design the patterns on the card on my own simply by creating patterns using foam hearts, beads and shapes of hearts made by heart shape craft punch. The silver polka dots are actually paper dots made by a new craft punch I bought recently. I just love using it to make those polka dots patterns. hehe!

This card is definitely not something easy for me to make and it really did tested my patience and ability as a card maker. I need to practice more to make it better in future. :)

Quilled cupcake & chocolate bookmarks

BM014 - (with pink cupcake)

BM014 - (with peach cupcake)
I've done quilled cupcakes before but never done any quilled chocolates and I love it hehehe! I just did 3 very simple different shapes of it in dark brown quilling strips. They look like dark chocolates! Yummy! :)

These bookmarks were a request from a customer of mine who makes and sells chocolates and cupcakes too. I get hungry just browsing her blog! hehe!

I miss u so much


In my previous post, I was working on carving those lettering on paper. The lettering turned out well I must say in the end. I'm pretty happy with the results. I was a bit worried in the beginning but now I'm really loving this particular lettering template a lot all because of the font :) I use this technique a lot for my bookmarks but rarely use it for my handmade cards the past few years. I did do this technique quite a lot in 2007 for my handmade cards though and carved out shapes of roses back then. :)

For this design, I was given the freedom to design it any way I wanted it. This card is actually for my customer's hubby. He is a MU fan. So she requested the card to have MU colors on it....that's why you see a lot of red and some yellow in this design. I didn't want to put any MU logos or whatever that has any relations to MU other than the colors. I made sure I put a lot of foam hearts as she loves foam hearts a lot. I sure did gave her a lot of it! hehe! 

I cut all the foam hearts by hand using my ordinary scissors. I just love making them especially in that particular shape. It was fun :). A good practice for me :).

In the beginning I was kinda lost on how to arrange them on the card and finally the idea just came to arrange them that way. There is no pop up, no decorations inside the card other than a paper inserted inside for writing in personal wishes. That was my customer's request......she wanted it simple like that. :) I'm really glad that she loved it :).

Sneak peek!

This is a sneak peak of what I've been up to lately. Carving out some words using my beloved craft knife hehehe.....I drew out some letters and formed words on paper using my new lettering template that I got from my visit to KL a month ago.This is the first time I get to try it out. Yes, I'm playing with my new toy and using it for work hehehe! 

I did all this carving for an order I got a month ago.  My customer is so patient with me. She's been waiting so long for this card. Truth is, the card she ordered is almost done, in fact it's 90% done and I'm just doing some finishing touches to it before posting it to her. This is just a sneak peek of the process. I'll blog about it once it's all done and posted.

Oh by the way.......I'm having some problems with my computer again. It's now at the computer shop for checkup and probably have to get it reformatted huhuhu.......I surely hope it can be saved! Currently I am now using my aunt's laptop for blogging and for work. Luckily she can lend it to me.....otherwise, I don't know how I'm going to get my work done with my computer still at the shop. It will probably take days to get it fixed. :(

Ok, that's all for now from me............will post photos of the completed card here soon! Till then!! :)

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