I love this card so much and I wish it's still with me but what can I do huhuhuhu......it's not for me anyways....it's for Cik Summer hehehehe. Gosh, she sure is a LUCKY GIRL!!!

This card is a request from my customer. He was interested in my V018 Valentines Day card....mostly because of it's colors. So he requested that I design a birthday card using the same color combination from that card. Plus, since Cik Summer loves Elmo, so I was asked to add that too. This is the first time for me to do a Sesame Street character for my handmade cards. It was fun! I used a red, orange and white foam to make Elmo. I love using that material as it is a flexible material to shape a form. It is so soft and you can decorate on it any way you like. But if you are using an ink pen, be sure that it is a permanent ink otherwise the ink will smudge all over the card! hehehe!

Other than making Elmo, I also find making the big heart quite a challenge because I had to figure out how to decorate the big heart differently from the other pop up hearts I've done before. And since he insists on just having one big heart to represent his heart, so that's why I did just one big one. He also requested that I write a short sentence on the big heart - My Heart is Yours Forever. After doing that, I realised how empty the heart looks.....so that's when I thought of decorating it with tons of tiny hearts in it. Gosh, that took me about 3 hours to glue all those teeny tiny hearts!!! But it was worth it! I loved seeing how the different colors of hearts mixed up together like that. I've done medium sized ones mixed in a big heart, but never so tiny like these. So it was really cool to see it when it was all done. :)


Anonymous said…
salam kak,
tq for such a lovely card.
well, x dengar lg ape2 sal kad tu from her. check the pos express website patutnye da smpai. dont know la kan if she x not yet received to her hand ke..mak die lupe bgtau ade mail smpai ke.hehe..tp xpe.i bet she gonna love it too.nway big thanks for the card
Azlina Abdul said…
Salam.....hehehe...you are most welcome. I hope you can check it with her nanti, make sure it has arrived. Patut sampai dah hari nih :)
Azilah said…
eeeii lawanye. sangat kemas and sgt lawa pop up tu!
Azlina Abdul said…
Thanks Azilah hehehe! :)sukernyer I!!

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