Eid Mubarak



Eidul Fitri is approaching and I came up with an idea that was inspired by the geometry of Islamic design. I focused more on the use of dots as the main technique to form a design on the card. Much care had to be taken in the process of lining up the dots along the printed lines otherwise the whole design is would be ruined... one slip of the hand and there's no correcting it! I've always loved this particular geometric pattern but there are many more geometric patterns in the Islamic design to be explored and used for card making. Will definitely do more in future :).

Ketupat nasi card :)


I must say....weaving the "ketupat nasi" was fun! No rice was included in this particular design hehehe... :D . For those who do not know what nasi means.... "Nasi" means rice or to be more specific, it's cooked rice.... :) . So a ketupat means....rice dumplings......I do love eating ketupat nasi with the spicy sauce but prefer the "ketupat palas" even better. The ketupat palas is glutinous rice dumplings and has a different shape compared to the rice dumplings. Eating it with the beef rendang or chicken rendang is yummmmmmyyyyy!!!!! :) This folded card comes with a dark green handmade envelope. The card is blank on the inside, left for personal wishes to be written for loved ones on this special day.

Uncle G's birthday card


At last! After being pestered by my Mom a zillion times for the past few months...the long awaited card is finally done! Didn't gave it much thought...I just sat down at my working table when the mood was there and got it done. I knew if I thought about it a lot, it still wouldn't be done, because I tend to think too much when it comes to designing...and usually I can't make up my mind that easily. The wrapping paper helped a lot! It definitely saved me from having to think much about how to go about designing a card for a guy.... This particular card is for my Uncle G..he is my Mom's bro and is celebrating his 60th birthday on the 15th of September. :)

This is what it looks like on the inside of the card...I carefully cut the gifts pattern from the wrapping paper and paste it with the happy birthday tag...so there is a continuity from the design on the outside and inside of the card. I surely hope he likes it! :)

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