MU team color...


Ok....this was what happened...I got this order to do the HB025 card design....BUT!!! With a Manchester United team color hehehe! Why? Because my customer's father is a big MU fan :). See how flexible I am? I'm willing to change the color of the original design for my customer's satisfaction hehehe.......So this is the result of the changes I did with the color combination.

Of course the layout remained the same....the only changes I did was to the color of the paper, ribbons and of course not forgetting the buttons. I had fun coloring the soccer ball and white hehee.....and I even added one at the back of the envelope. :) Hope he loves the card! I wish! I wish! LOL!

Back from the dead......LOL!

Dear all.........

Good news......I took my dead hand phone to the hand phone hospital and met with the "specialist" and believe it or came back from the dead! I just couldn't believe's ALIVE AGAIN!! It didn't even have to be warded for a few days LOL!.......I went there for just about half an hour and then it was all ready to go! I thought I might have to buy myself a new one.....luckily it could still be saved and therefore this saves a lot of my money as well hahahaha..... :D

The bad news is I lost all the contact numbers inside it....sob sob..... :( All contacts numbers of my friends, family and I have to add in everything all over again! I hate it when these things happen......especially since I don't have all those numbers written down anywhere else. I guess I just have to wait for them to contact me back in order for me to get their numbers back again hahahaha.....!

Anyways......I guess there won't be a "funeral" after all........hahahaha! Yay!!!

Important info....

Dear all......

Sadly to announce that today my hand phone decided to stop functioning for the 4th or 5th time....I lost count in other words, it died today..... (due to natural causes I suppose hahaha). the mean time while I get this problem fixed, I'm not able to use my Maxis number......and therefore you (my dear beloved customers) will not be able to contact me on that number as well......

If you have any inquiries regarding the orders ......please do so via email at my email address : or can call or sms me at my personal number :
019 - 3634006

Truly sorry for any inconvenience.........

Brown and blue.....


I saw in my research in the net and magazines, quite a few designers who have used this color combination......especially the combination of dark brown and sky blue.....I just added some white and silver to it hehehe :) Really love this color combination especially since my favorite color is blue. I've always wanted to try out this combination and at last I did it hehee....

This birthday card was a request from a customer who wanted something simple....not too overly romantic and yet meaningful.....for her BF heheh..... :)

The card has a white paper inserted on the inside. I added some printed wordings in it as per request........and the card has a matching soft blue handmade envelope.

Bunny out of the easter egg!


The 3rd design! first I wanted to use foam for the big Easter egg.....but somehow it didn't turn out I opted to use a thicker paper instead...much easier to work with :).

The original design was to have the little yellow chick in the egg.....but my customer preferred the bunny instead, so I changed it as per request hehe....the bunny looked a little blur here....must be wondering what happened hehehe.....

A very simple design but colorful and bright! No wordings on the inside and there is a peach color paper on the inside for writing in personal wishes.......included together with the card is a soft yellow handmade envelope :)

A stack of easter eggs!


Ok, here is the second design from the order.....this time around I came up with an idea of using multicolored Easter eggs stacked up on the green bushes......I wanted to make grass....but I thought the bushes were easier to do and looked better than the spiky grasses.....hahaha

This little white bunny was also hand drawn and hand cut......just like the Easter eggs and bushes too. The bunny has that plastic eye as that! The cute little teeny tiny butterflies were made using the craft punch. I just bought that punch a few weeks ago and thought of using it for this project.....really love those cute little butterflies hehehe..... :)

Easter bunny hopping around.....


I must admit, it has been a long time since I last made any Easter cards......the last time I made any was in 2007 for my first online customer! hehehe! And the Easter cards were the first order I got from her .... :)

As usual I wanted to make something that looks cute....heheh....hopefully I achieved guys be the judge ok?? :D I used sweet soft pink card and olive green mixed with dark that combination! The bunny has a small plastic eye that can move whenever you shake it! Love that touch.....but lately I have trouble finding those teeny tiny plastic eyes at the store....couldn't find any to buy there huhuhu.......only the bigger eyes are available...I wonder why.....

The Easter bunny are hand drawn and cut out by hand....including all the Easter eggs.... :) A lot of work there.....especially cutting out the easter eggs.....since they are so small...

The card is left blank on the inside.....since no wordings were requested. The card has a soft pink paper inserted on the inside and has a matching handmade envelope too.

Graduation day card.....


I received a request to do a graduation card recently.......and it was up to me to decide how to design it.....I had total freedom! Yay! The journey begins!

I find that a very simple layout can be made difficult simply by the motif itself. I had a vision of how the graduation robe would look like but didn't know how to go about making the hat hahaha.......I wanted to do the tassel a bit bigger for the hat but didn't know I ended up using just a gold string and opening up the ends to make it look like a tassel hehehe...... LOL!

I just didn't know how else to decorate the card......the card itself is quite's half the size of an A4 there were a lot of space to fill up hehehe......I ended up decorating the empty spaces with punched out pattern of a sun and I simply love this new pattern, it's really pretty ( at least I think so hehehe ) right the pattern that I should have used is stars .....but since I don't have that pattern, I decided that the sun would look just as nice! :) After all the sun is a star as well right?? A really really big one! hehehe! Eddhie is now a shining star! One with a bright future ahead of him! :) Congrats!!!

Dora the Explorer


Another order with a little challenge! Yes indeed! When I heard that my customer was interested with the theme "Dora the Explorer" .....I went like....WHO???? hahaha.....I don't even know the character hehehe! LOL! I'm not really familiar with the new cartoon characters.....I only know just a I had to do a little research for this order....hehehe. :)

I think everyone who's been following my work would know that I'm not the expert when it comes to doing figures! Yup! I'm no expert in that! As you can see here.....Dora looks like....errrmmmmm......I think I better leave the comments to myself hahahaha.....LOL! But at least I tried my best to make it look like Dora....luckily Dora's figure is not extremely difficult to draw...otherwise I just don't know how I would have done it. The only person I know who can do figures really well is my blogger friend can view his pop up handmade cards here. I love how he does the figures...... :) Really pretty! I need to learn more on this..... :) Learn.....I must hehehe........

Pop up lips with hearts


I had fun with this usual when there is pop up involved, it's always fun and challenging too. But I do love simple pop ups.....mainly because they are easier for me to do LOL! hehehe......I'm still learning!

My customer wanted a pop up lip or pop up hearts inside the I thought why not just combine the two together :). At first I was thinking of using the printed lips of a girl that I normally use for my pop up lips card, but I decided to do something different this time. By making my own paper lips instead of using the printed one, I get to decorate it with glitter glue and also added the golden heart shape at the center :)

The front design is similar to the pop up lips card I made before but I made some little changes to the original design to make it look a little different. I've always wanted to do the heart shape with scallops at the edges of the heart shape.......and I got to do it here....and loving how it turned out. :)

Golf theme....


Golf theme.....this is a request from my customer that I thought was pretty interesting :) The card design is actually a father's day card I made last year, with football as the theme.....but since he love the design and colors, he wanted to change the football to a golf theme instead. And so I did as he requested. :)

I was thinking of how to go about it when I suddenly thought of the foam I have that would be so suitable for this color combination as it is also white in color. So I drew the shape of a golf bag and decorated it with some glitter glue...... the white dots you see around the cards are actually supposed to be golf balls hehehe.....LOL! I had this white paper that I thought had the texture similar to a golf ball.....hehehe.....what a coincidence..... :). For the golf sticks, I used a metallic silver paper......

It was a fun project....... :)

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