Sam's retirement card


Mr. Shamsulkamar (the happy guy with the yellow shirt) holding the card in his hands with his beloved colleagues :)

Here he is again with the card opened, showing off the inside of the card....with all the signatures and wishes he got from his colleagues... :)

I got a special request from my aunt to make a retirement card for her colleague who is retiring soon. I haven't use a lot of purple color cards in my handmade card designs so for this particular request I decided to use it! I got a tip from my aunt that Sam love flowers, so I added some in it, not too much that it would look so feminine...hehehe...just a little touch!:)

For the inside I made lines of boxes so that there would be spaces for his friends to write wishes and sign their names in it for him. This is so that the people who contributed their signatures or wishes would have ample space to write and all would look organized and neat inside the card. I am so happy to know that Sam's colleagues loved the card and it made Sam happy too with all the lovely wishes in it! That's enough to make my day! :)

A beaded christmas tree


Another Christmas card on my list! :) So excited about it! I've always wanted to do a Christmas tree card with some beads and sequins decorated on add some glitters to it too. Yet again another simple design I made using an A6 size red card to have some contrast on the green tree and also some Christmas spirit to it! I sew on the tree the beads and sequins, LOVE doing that! Ever since I found a way of doing it on paper, I do attempt to use this technique whenever I find it being suitable for a particular design. I just love the effect it gives to the card.

I decorated the background with silver dots to symbolize the snow falling down on the decorated tree. It gives a feeling of cold breeze (the snow) and hotness (the red card) to it! hehehe! The tree itself was made by using two tones of green, lined with some little space between them to create a patterned design. Recently I just love doing that...lining up strips of different colored paper side by side to create a patterned design...kinda meditative to me I suppose to do that hehehe. :D
The card could just be left blank or have a simple Christmas message inside. I already have in mind who to give this special Christmas card to
...ooooh can't wait!!!! :D

Hen Night cards for the bride to be's closest friends!

A Hen Night card with a wedding theme!!! :)

Miniature pink lace bra adorned with sequins and next to it is a diamond gold ring made from gold and silver paper hehe...

7 daisy/gerbera flowers and there's that cute little pink lace panties with sequins on it hehe...

On the inside is a white paper insert with some simple wordings, which is a thank you note from the bride to be to her closest friends :)

A soft pink handmade envelope with a small white daisy flower to match the card...

I'm so excited about this new project of mine! I'm always excited to do something new with my client and this time around it has to do with the Hen Night party! :) This is my first time ever making a hen night card! Of course I had to do a little research on hen night cards and I saw that most of them had sexy corsets, and feathers on them hehe....some had sexy lingeries as well, with rings, handbags and evening dresses....most of the cards are either, red, black, dark pink or some in white colors...but.......for my client, it has to be different and special from the rest! :) Yup!

My client's wedding theme is soft green apple and soft she wanted her hen night cards to have that same color as well... not a problem! :) She loves Gerbera flowers to have as the flower bouquet on the cards..yikes! I didn't even know what a Gerbera flower looks like!!! hehehehe! So I did some research again! hahaha! Luckily it looks like a daisy flower except that the petals are bigger....and lucky for me, I have a craft punch of a daisy flower!! Yippeee! So it was easy for me to make the bouquet! Phew! :)

The hardest part for me would be to make the miniature sexy laced lingeries....oh boy, I truly needed a lot of patience to do those! Very tricky indeed! I got the sequins when I was in Alor Setar a few weeks ago...and they suited the lingerie very well I must say hehee...they are just the right size!! :)

I love the envelope with the cute white daisy on it at the back....matches the card perfectly..I wanted the envelope to have some kind of connection to the card and the daisy was the perfect thing for it! Usually I would just leave the envelope blank with no decorations whatsoever, but this time around I felt like it needed something there to make it look complete! I'm really happy with how it turned out and even happier for my "cute client" who is going to be celebrating her hen night soon!! All the best to you my dear!!

A smaller version...

A simple birthday tag on the inside of the card.....


I don't know why I love this design so much right now....maybe it has to do with the many different brown colors and how it suits with the gold color too. Although I have done this design before in a bigger sized card, but this time I did it in a smaller size like this. It comes in different patterned paper on the card..and there's no numbers on it like the ones I've done before.

It's just a simple card to be given along with a present or simply on it's own to the birthday boy or guy. :) This design could be called as a limited edition since the patterned paper are all different for each card. Also because there aren't many of these made since the paper is limited as well since it depends on the stock availability.

27th Birthday...


This card is similar to the one I made for my uncle's birthday a couple of months ago. However there are some differences in the choices of paper strips that I used and some additional add ons to this particular birthday card. This time around the color of the paper strips are more matching to the patterned paper I used and the gold confetti adds a special effect to it. I even added more strips than before and also more gold dots too, so there is less space left on the base of the card. Even the wordings on the inside of the card is different as it has two tones of colors to match the patterned paper. This card was made especially for my sister's friend who's celebrating his 27th birthday. All the best wishes to him! :)

Glittering snow man

Along with the handmade card, there is also a handmade soft blue
envelope to match it.

There's a simple Christmas wish inside the card!

A white color paper insert inside the card to write your Christmas wishes.

A smiley snowman sprinkled with glitters!

A very simple Christmas card of a snow man with a red scarf and red black hat! I used the white strips of paper to make the snow and some snow dots falling down on the snow man. The glitters adds a perfect touch to create an illusion of the sparkling snow.

A birthday cupcake

This card comes with a matching red handmade envelope.
This view shows the inside of the card, with the beige color paper insert.

I am pretty excited about this cupcake card. It's my first attempt at making cards using cupcake as a subject. I love using the gold glitters on the icing of the much fun doing that! And a cherry on top with a birthday wish stuck in the cupcake! :) More cupcake cards to come soon! :)

Happy Birthday Kak!!!! :)

Front view of my sister's birthday card...very funny hehehe :) the cows looked so happy with their cakes hehehe.....just like me and my sis, whenever we are enjoying our cakes :).

Top could see the paper insert in the card which is yellow in color to match the card.

The tag...very simple, taken from the same wrapping paper and I wrote there at the cake (34th) to show her age hehehe.....picture not that clear though :(

Love working with these patterned papers as there is so much one can do with it and it's so easy to use. I was out of ideas to do a birthday card for my sis this year..... I want to be funny and cheerful.... not the feminine type or girlish ones, because I know she wouldn't like those kinds hehehe.... so, since she was born in the year of the Cow and love eating cakes so much, I decided that this patterned paper would be most suitable to use for her birthday card. I was also inspired by the colors of Deepavali (that was celebrated last week) .... which explains why I used lots of oranges and yellow and red in this the warm cheerful colors...a warm and cheerful birthday for my dear sis! :)

For the two most important men in her life....

A combination of hues of brown, gold and maroon colored paper for this romantic themed birthday card for my client's hubby. :)

Shown here is the handmade card with the matching handmade envelope.

A card made especially for my client's dear father on his 60th birthday. With hues of browns and oranges, inspired by the autumn season.

A matching handmade envelope for the card :)

These two precious handmade cards are for my lovely client who ordered them especially for the two most important men in her life right now.......and they are her dear hubby and her dear father :). Both are made with love and has a special birthday message printed and decorated inside the card. I won't be showing the birthday message here as it is quite private, so I'm just posting the photos of the card and envelope for all to see. :)

Birthday Glitters

A close up of the glitters

View on the inside of the card

This is a cute little gift package that I made from scratch and glued it on the paper insert in the card. I also placed a birthday tag on it too as a simple birthday message.

A close up of the card with the wordings and number


Glitter crazy :). I experimented with glitters just the other day and tried to use glue to hold the glitters and presto! Got it!!! It was a bit difficult doing it on wordings as compared to dots or simple lines...but I managed to do it in the end! :) I do know that in the market there is glitter glue sold with special bottle and nozzles to make it easier to decorate on cards but since I already have the glitters at home, I wanted to try to make it my own way. Tomorrow is Nick's birthday and hopefully she will love it :)

Polka dot ribbon


A combination of polka dots, lines, and a framed flower....this is another greeting card I made for a client that I would love to share with everyone here in my blog. I used the colors found on the polka dotted ribbon to create patterns with similar colors to match the ribbon. As you can see at the lined pattern I created below the ribbon, all the colors are closely matched to the colors found on the ribbon. Same goes to the framed flower.... :) All the colors blend together to create a simple design. :)

Little gift packages


Little gift packages on a perfumed card :). Very simple design but very cute too hehehe... I really enjoyed making those little gift packages. I made this card for a client of mine as a birthday card...she also requested for the wordings and I placed them on the inside of the card.

This design can be used for birthdays, for holiday greetings, or for thank you wishes as well...the colors and paper can be different though to suit the occasion. What makes this card extra special is because of the paper used to make the base of the card has a special kind of perfume on it....not that strong though..a light floral smell on it. :) So for those out there who's looking for something different....this might be the one for you!

Eid Mubarak



Eidul Fitri is approaching and I came up with an idea that was inspired by the geometry of Islamic design. I focused more on the use of dots as the main technique to form a design on the card. Much care had to be taken in the process of lining up the dots along the printed lines otherwise the whole design is would be ruined... one slip of the hand and there's no correcting it! I've always loved this particular geometric pattern but there are many more geometric patterns in the Islamic design to be explored and used for card making. Will definitely do more in future :).

Ketupat nasi card :)


I must say....weaving the "ketupat nasi" was fun! No rice was included in this particular design hehehe... :D . For those who do not know what nasi means.... "Nasi" means rice or to be more specific, it's cooked rice.... :) . So a ketupat means....rice dumplings......I do love eating ketupat nasi with the spicy sauce but prefer the "ketupat palas" even better. The ketupat palas is glutinous rice dumplings and has a different shape compared to the rice dumplings. Eating it with the beef rendang or chicken rendang is yummmmmmyyyyy!!!!! :) This folded card comes with a dark green handmade envelope. The card is blank on the inside, left for personal wishes to be written for loved ones on this special day.

Uncle G's birthday card


At last! After being pestered by my Mom a zillion times for the past few months...the long awaited card is finally done! Didn't gave it much thought...I just sat down at my working table when the mood was there and got it done. I knew if I thought about it a lot, it still wouldn't be done, because I tend to think too much when it comes to designing...and usually I can't make up my mind that easily. The wrapping paper helped a lot! It definitely saved me from having to think much about how to go about designing a card for a guy.... This particular card is for my Uncle G..he is my Mom's bro and is celebrating his 60th birthday on the 15th of September. :)

This is what it looks like on the inside of the card...I carefully cut the gifts pattern from the wrapping paper and paste it with the happy birthday there is a continuity from the design on the outside and inside of the card. I surely hope he likes it! :)

Wrap them up halfway and add some flowers


I thought about doing this design for quite awhile now...I love the idea of using patterned paper to decorate a card...most people use this idea for their scrapbooks...I use it for making cards instead :). It's kinda tricky when trying to paste the wrapping paper on the card...takes a lot of patience to perform this task. Had to make sure the paper doesn't curl up or has air pockets after pasting. I see many card makers using fabric flowers or paper flowers to decorate the side of the card...but I decided to use rosettes with a button on it to achieve the look of a flower. :)

This particular card is one that I made for my client...the big flower on the side is made of paper...I cut the petals individually and arranged them in a form of a flower and glued them one by one...and added a flower button in the middle. I cut scallop patterns on the top of the card...something I learned from a paper craft magazine... :) This card is a bit bigger that the card above, so I get to use bigger punched out flowers to decorate the empty space on the top part of the card. Basically I just play with the colors available from the wrapping paper to choose what color is suitable to design the entire card.

Rosette with Songket motifs


I made this card especially for a client of mine. I decorated the card with lots and lots of dots of different colours. I even put some beads on it too! The rosette idea came about when a great friend of mine, CC, who gave me big laces to make rosettes...I couldn't use them for my card making because they were too I thought, why not use some of my smaller laces to make the rosettes?! Yippee! Now I found another way of using my laces! Thanks CC! :)

You can see that the background of the card was decorated with a design I made using those tiny dots and punched out flowers and ribbons too. Actually if you look closely the top and bottom part of the design is made using a songket motif. ...which is the Bunga Tabur. But I fused it a bit and made it my own. :)

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