Shiny gold squares....

Here is another similar design that I made together with the brown and blue square cards....I wanted to point out in this post that all the cards can be used either horizontally or vertically since there are no wordings made inside you are free to choose which angle you like as the design I made looks good vertically or horizontally :). One card I decorated with buttons on it and the other I replaced it with decorations of smaller squares of yellow paper.....both have small orange flowers decorated on the beige squares.....I love the colour contrast of the beige and orange paper...really pops out. :) Both comes with a handmade beige envelope.



Blue squares....

Blue squares! hehehe! Finally I could make them now....I have wanted to use those blue squares for quite sometime now but couldn't get the right blue tone card stock that I needed....but now I can! :D Below, there are 2 designs I did with similar layouts, one with buttons decorated on it and the other I decorated with a bunch of paper punch out patterns of leaves. I love them both! :) Both are of sized A6 and both have no wordings on the can be a card for any occasion and you can write on your personal wishes inside. Both comes with a soft blue handmade envelope.


Some more brown squares....

I got here a card design that looks similar to the card design I made recently. That was a design made on a bigger sized card unlike this new one I did that is on a A6 sized card. Since many have requested that I make the button designed cards on a smaller card size, so I decided to make some this way............I designed it a bit differently by pasting a couple of small sized ribbons lined up with the straight line paper strips on each sides. The card is left blank on the inside for writing on personal wishes and it comes with a beige handmade envelope. But you can request for wordings to be printed out and pasted on the inside of the card problem at all :).


Baby's Crib....

A sweet baby crib for a sweet baby girl! :) This is my first attempt to make a paper baby crib....I used a shiny silver paper with light texture for it. I poked the paper to create a thread line pattern on the crib using a sharp needle. Wish I had a better tool to do that....well, I will think of something hehehe..... I didn't put any wordings on the front or the inside of the can be anything you like...can be custom made for you! The card has a soft pink paper insert on the inside of the card for writing on personal wishes to the proud parents and the card also comes with a soft pink handmade envelope.


Marine theme....

I couldn't be happier today....feelin' groovy :). This is because I finally managed to figure out how to design this marine themed birthday card for my dear customer. This card is indeed very very special....made for a very very special person too. This card design was really very challenging for me to do, especially since I started out as a card maker who only likes to make cards with flower motifs hehehe! If you look closely at the design here....most of the subjects (the anchor, compass, sea shells, starfish, sail boat and that red and white float, not sure what it is actually called hehehe) that I decorated on the card are exclusively made by hand.....all of them I had to hand drawn, hand cut and even did a little crochet work! The crochet chain is for the anchor....I needed some string for it that looks like chains, so I figured that it would be a good idea. Except for the buttons of course! I bought those and just pasted them on the card accordingly heheehe! I really love the idea of putting motifs in that I can simply place all the motifs I want and not have to worry about how to arrange them altogether on one page. Plus I love squares! :D This card comes with a soft blue handmade envelope and a soft blue paper insert on the inside of the card for writing on personal wishes. I really hope the person receiving this card would love this card as much as I do..... :)



I am really excited to post this cute card's an order I got from my customer....she loved the owl design I made much earlier and wanted a similar design with a dolphin or a whale in the I decided a dolphin would be cute! :) The dolphin was drawn on a thick gray paper from a dolphin template I made myself and hand cut using a craft knife. I love the plastic wobbly eye! It moves when you shake it hehehe! It's so cute! I also decorated around the frame with paper shells and fishes that I hand drawn and hand cut myself. The card comes with a beige handmade envelope....and has a blue paper insert inside it for writing on personal wishes. This is a special card for a very special person. I hope that special person is thrilled to receive it! :)



This is another card design I made with the square paper patterns decorated on it.....which is similar to the recent birthday card for men that I made in brown colour tones. I love that design so much....that I decided to make another one for women with flowers in the squares....but I didn't make any wordings for this one, so it's suitable for any occasion.....this card is made using the biggest size I have which is 13cm x 18cm. It is left blank on the inside and comes with a matching beige handmade envelope.


Buttons in squares....

I am so excited to post this design today.....especially since I haven't been posting a lot lately this is pretty exciting for me. I love this new paper I got's yellowish brown in colour and slightly textured like most of the paper I have been using for my other designs. As you can see, this design is a continuity of the Father's Day designs that I have done before....I was so in love with the squares designs that I decided to make more of this type of technique in my future designs. I have so many coloured buttons in my collection...mostly of the same designs, just different colours....and I love playing with them in this's so fun arranging them in the squares and matching them with the papers I have available. This birthday card design would definitely be suitable for the men and boys.... :)


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