Hello everyone!

How is everyone doing? I hope you are all in the best of health always. I'm back again here with another quilling tutorial. Quilling flower tutorial again to be exact. Can't seem to stop making quilling flower tutorials. Haha! I still got a few more  quilling flower tutorials that I promised to make. Not sure if I can make them all this year. I guess some will  be completed by next year. "Next year is actually not that too far away. I can't believe that soon it will be 2022. I didn't accomplish a lot this year due to ill health. I really hope, wish and pray that next year things will be better for me. I want to be more productive, God willing.

Actually I wanted to make this Pointy Petal flower tutorial months ago but I was worried about how to make the video as it is very difficult to explain the process. In the end I decided to do it no matter how difficult and just wing it. Glad I did it in the end. I know a lot of you out there who are interested in vortex designs as much as I am. There's so much about it to explore.

This Pointy Petal flower is actually similar to the Teardrop Swirl flower I made back in 2019. The difference is just that pointed tip on the petal, the vortex design in the petal swirls almost the same way. So I thought I had to make a tutorial to show how almost similar they are in some ways. But I think now my favourite is the Pointed Petal even though it's harder to make it compared to the Teardrop Swirl flower.

When I made vortex design flowers back in 2019, I enjoyed making them in multiple colours. Most of the time I used 3 colours for the petals but for this Pointed Petal flower tutorial I decided to use just one colour for the petals and try to be more creative with the centre part of the flower where I can play with colours that would match the colour of the petals. The other vortex design flowers I've done before I just added a simple half pearl on it, no need to think much, very simple. So that's why I wanted to try something different this time around.

Do check out my YouTube quilling tutorial below:

I decided to make the Pointy Petal Flower in various colours to show you how it would look like when made in multiple colours. Hope you are inspired to try them out yourselves.

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