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Hello everyone!

It's hard to believe that the year 2020 is coming to an end very very soon. I can't believe tomorrow is already the new year, yikes!! Time sure flies fast nowadays! I'm still in the midst of cleaning up my craft room and I found a variety of yarns....I mean a whole lot of them really. I must have been so obsessed with knitting a few years ago that I went and bought a lot of yarns to knit. Unfortunately I never got the chance to knit a lot because I was also busy with quilling and making handmade cards at the time. I can only do so much at a time. With my health situation I move really slow you know. Haha! 

Some of the yarns that I bought were meant to be used as decorations on my handmade cards. That's why there's a lot of them still available because I had big plans to use them on my handmade cards. But I haven't made any handmade cards since the pandemic and frankly speaking I'm still not able to make them and one of the reasons is because of my messy room that is still messy. Not a space available on my table to make cards. I have no idea how it got that bad really. Wait.....I forgot I'm a hoarder too. Haha! Of course there are other reasons why it's messy but hoarding is one of the reasons how it got that bad. To clear up all the years of hoarding that I did requires time. I was thinking of giving away some of the stuff that I have but not as they are now but instead in the form of a handmade craft. Make something with them and give them away. That's the plan. Sounds like a great plan but executing it again, takes time. 

So I thought of something fast and easy to do, that won't take so much of my time and energy, which I don't have a lot nowadays. One of the ideas I had was to make crochet face masks extenders. It's something I've been wanting to do since it became a trend to wear them with the face masks so that our ears won't hurt so much. I need them for myself as well because I wear a scarf and it's so hard to wear it without the extenders. I did make one with fabric before but I also wanted to crochet them. I've seen a lot of people wearing them in town when I go out grocery shopping and they are beautiful compared to the fabric ones that I made. I'm not at all great at crochet though. I'm still a beginner, still lots to learn and I think that making these crochet face masks extenders is a great way to practice crochet. It's a small project and in just a few minutes, it's done. I was able to make quite a lot of them this month in different colours but mostly they are made using the same type of yarn because this type of yarn has a clean finish. I love how they turned out.

When I first started to crochet the mask extenders, I was super ambitious! LOL! I tried making the complicated patterns like the photos above instead of the simple ones. I should have tried the simple ones first! There's more patterns that I made but I haven't the time to take all the photos yet. Will try to upload them here later once I have added the buttons on them. I've made a lot but they are without buttons. Still searching for suitable buttons for them. In the beginning I did try to make crochet buttons as you can see from the photos above but I think I prefer buttons that are not crochet. Plastic or wood would be nice.

I got really excited making mask extenders with simple patterns like the photo above. I made lots of them in different colours, so now I'm in the process of finding suitable buttons for them. Searched high and low for buttons that are available in my craft room. I found some buttons that were given to me by fellow crafters, friends and some were bought some time ago. So like I said, I wanted to make something with the things I already have in my craft room. I don't want to go out and buy some more craft materials because then it would defeat the purpose or spoil the original plan which is to clear my craft room. 

Yes, I'm so sorry! These crochet face mask extenders will only be given away to those living in Malaysia. I am not able to make a lot of them for everybody around the world. So I'm focusing on giving them for those in need from Malaysia.

So for those who are interested to own my humble crochet face mask extenders, do contact me at the email address here ---> , just write me your full name and address and contact number and I will be happy to post them to you. The extenders are free of course, so you just need to pay for the cost of the postage because unfortunately I can't afford to pay for that. I'm so sorry about that. :( Wish I could afford though. Thank you for reading this post, do share it with anyone you know who would be interested to get some free crochet face mask extenders, thanks again!!

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