Subaru Impreza STI


Hari ni dalam sejarah.......for the first time ever, I did a design for the new year AND it's a car themed card! Gosh! I got an order from one of my darling customer who wanted a new year card with a car theme for her had to be either a Satria Neo or Subaru Impreza STI because he loves those type of cars. I love the design on the Subaru so I decided to do that one. After tons of research on the net to find the perfect image of the car, I found one that would be suitable and of course it had to be BLUE in color as it is his favorite!

I had a hard time figuring out how to do the usual lah!! hahaha....I always have that problem when it comes to designing. Just couldn't figure out where to put what! I just went blank for a few days until one day I just sat down and just did it! Time was running out and it had to be done by hook or by crook! Yikes! I really didn't want to disappoint my customer and so the panic began! hehehehe! However, I had to remain calm otherwise all be ruined.

The design for the car was done by drawing the image of the car on a plastic sheet and cut out the design to form a template of the car. Then from the template , I drew the image on paper and cut out the pieces one by one and pasting them on the white paper first before pasting it on the card itself. I adorned the car with all the details of the Subaru and did the finishing touches with metallic gold and silver pen. All around the car I decorated with strips of shiny metallic paper that would shine when it hits the light. I love that effect as it matches the shine on the car. I chose all the colors that is available on the car and cut many strips of multi color paper. Then I glued them one piece at a time next to each other. I formed 4 sections on the card (top, bottom, left and right) and filled the sections with the multi color paper strips. That really tested my patience mistake will ruin the whole card! So I had to be careful.

I'm so happy that it's all done and my darling customer is happy with it. I do hope her BF will be happy to receive it too!!! :)

Purple flowers....

(This is a similar design like the one below but only has the wordings "Happy Birthday" on it without the person's name)


This card is another one of my experiments done for a customer of mine. One thing I have always had problems with is how to arrange the layout design on the card. I always have problems deciding where to place the wordings so that it does not bother the decorations. So that's how this layout came about. I made the wordings as part of the background design. The wordings where printed and cut out line by line.....and then glued on to the paper. The card itself is almost covered with all the decorations and wordings. You could only see the color of the card in between the lines wordings.

The flowers were cut by hand....the petals were traced from a template onto a metallic purple paper and I cut out each petal one by one with scissors, then layered it onto 2 more pieces of paper, one dark purple and the other is soft purple. Once that is done, I assembled it together and glued them to form the flowers. It's a lot of work....but I love the effect it gives on the flowers. :)

Merry Christmas everyone!


I just had to post this Christmas card design today before I leave for Alor Setar tomorrow morning!! hehehehe! :D I made it last night......and I got two more to do tonight if my eyes can still open! I'm just so tired but this is something that I just got to do. The cards are for my best buddies.....need to get it sent as soon as possible....before it's too late. Not sure if it will arrive on time, but at least I tried my level best to do it . I guess this is the only Christmas card design I manage to make this year......if I can find the time to do some more after I get back from my hometown then I can post it here. Till then, Merry Christmas everyone! :)

Happy Birthday Mom!


This card was made for my Mom's 59th birthday today.......I wanted to use that furry wire again and couldn't help but use it for her birthday card. I made this card in about an one fast because the time I had to make it was so limited. So I didn't even think much, I just did what I thought was ok. Gosh, if she knew this she would just fire me hehehe......but at least I managed to find the time to do it anyways even though my mind was not working too well lately. hahahaha....... :) Love you Mom.....Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
This card is also so very suitable for Valentines can be given to your Mother on Valentines Day to show her how much you love her :). 

Just for you babe!


This must be one of the card designs that I love but, have to think many many times to do it again. It's because of the paper that I used to make the stems of the flowers. Gosh was it hard to make the flower stalks hug each other like that! :D hahaha LOL! The flower stalks are actually made of crepe paper which I folded and twisted so that it would look like a stalk. The wordings were hand written with a metallic silver stamping involved....hehehe.....

This particular card is made from a much softer paper (2 sheet card) :) it's not the usual thick paper that I normally use for my cards.....but I have always loved working with this type of material when I first started designing cards. You could see it in my earlier card collections.

The flowers are actually made using heart shape cut outs, served as petals to form the flowers. I've always love using that fact I have a few cards which I designed using this similar's not easy, as I would have to cut the heart shapes out one by one and then gather them together to form the flower. But it can be fun especially if I am in the mood to do it hehehe..... This card has no wordings on the inside, it's left blank for writing on your own personal wishes and it comes with a matching red hot envelope. :)

Kain Pelikat la la la la....... :D


Kain pelikat la la la la....kain pelikat la la la la.....kain pelikat selesa, memang selesaaaaaaaa...... ;D I got inspired to do a design that has a pelikat motif on it. I've always been interested in textile designs, especially the Malay fabrics....such as kain pelikat, batik, songket etc etc.

The different color paper strips were layered one by one on the card. It's quite mistake can ruin the whole thing. I simply chose the bright green color card as the base and mix it with red, purlpe and orange......the black is suppose to make it stand out. I think this card would be suitable to be given to a guy even though the color is a bit cheerful. :)

There is no wordings inside the card, I left it blank for writing on personal wishes. But if you want me to print out some special wordings for you, it can be done, no problem at all. :) The card comes with a matching bright orangy handmade envelope too.

Black package with gold paper ribbon...........


From the top it looks like a black box wrapped with a gold ribbon......and a small card pasted on top of it. But actually it's a card :) . This card design is so simple and clean cut. The tiny card is a folded card that can actually be written on the inside cute. And the wordings on it are handwritten, because I don't have a rubber stamp that is small enough to stamp on the tiny cream colored card. This card comes with a soft cream colored handmade envelope. The inside of the card is left blank and has a paper inserted in it for writing on personal wishes. :)

The furry wire experiment


It's been awhile since I last posted anything here.....been busy posting in my personal blog instead hehehe........ :D

I got this new material recently from the craft's a form of wire with furry rayon swirling around it. I'm not sure what they are actually called, so I guess I'll just call it the furry wire hehehe :D I bought two different colors of the wire, one red and the other is dark purplish pink. The dark purplish pink the one I'm using for this card design as it matches the purple card I'm using. They wires comes in a variety of colors.....namely blue, green, black, brown etc etc....will probably get more of them in future for me to use in my new designs.

For this particular design, I used the furry wire and form it into the shape of a heart. I love working with this wire as it is quite flexible....I haven't tried forming it into any other shapes yet. I have only tried the heart shapes for now. It is also not that hard to glue it on the paper, so that's why I love this new material hehehe..... I also used lots of glitter glue to decorate the card, dark pink and also silver....I just love the sparkling effect it gives to the card. As you can also see, the tiny purple rectangular shapes around the center of the card is actually pieces of ribbons which I cut out piece by piece and glued them around the card as part of the decoration. That is also some new in my design. :)

This card comes with a matching soft purple envelope and also has a soft pink paper inserted inside the card for writing on personal wishes. For now I haven't decided on what to write inside it, so I leave it blank. This card is suitable for any occasion and also can be used for Valentines day to be given to loved ones :)

A wedding cake


This is a wedding card I made sometime ago but could not find it in my heart to sell nor to give it away hehehe......It is adorned with seed beads, sequins, ribbons and gold strings has no wordings whatsoever.....inside or outside. I have not decided yet on what to write :D. It's just an idea I had and just love leaving it that way. It has a bright yellow handmade envelope to match it and a yellow paper inserted inside it for writing on personal wishes :)

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