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This must be one of the card designs that I love but, have to think many many times to do it again. It's because of the paper that I used to make the stems of the flowers. Gosh was it hard to make the flower stalks hug each other like that! :D hahaha LOL! The flower stalks are actually made of crepe paper which I folded and twisted so that it would look like a stalk. The wordings were hand written with a metallic silver pen.....no stamping involved....hehehe.....

This particular card is made from a much softer paper (2 sheet card) :) ....so it's not the usual thick paper that I normally use for my cards.....but I have always loved working with this type of material when I first started designing cards. You could see it in my earlier card collections.

The flowers are actually made using heart shape cut outs, served as petals to form the flowers. I've always love using that idea....in fact I have a few cards which I designed using this similar idea....it's not easy, as I would have to cut the heart shapes out one by one and then gather them together to form the flower. But it can be fun especially if I am in the mood to do it hehehe..... This card has no wordings on the inside, it's left blank for writing on your own personal wishes and it comes with a matching red hot envelope. :)

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