Kain Pelikat la la la la....... :D


Kain pelikat la la la la....kain pelikat la la la la.....kain pelikat selesa, memang selesaaaaaaaa...... ;D I got inspired to do a design that has a pelikat motif on it. I've always been interested in textile designs, especially the Malay fabrics....such as kain pelikat, batik, songket etc etc.

The different color paper strips were layered one by one on the card. It's quite tricky.....one mistake can ruin the whole thing. I simply chose the bright green color card as the base and mix it with red, purlpe and orange......the black is suppose to make it stand out. I think this card would be suitable to be given to a guy even though the color is a bit cheerful. :)

There is no wordings inside the card, I left it blank for writing on personal wishes. But if you want me to print out some special wordings for you, it can be done, no problem at all. :) The card comes with a matching bright orangy handmade envelope too.


Grace to You said...

Yay - I'm the first one to tell you this card is awesome, Lin - I love it! You're really branching out into new areas and it's a great thing. :)

Azlina Abdul said...

Yay for Sandi!! Thanks Sandi...it has definitely been a tough journey...but I'm glad I've got great supporters like you!!


Anonymous said...

1 word...WOW!!!!!!!


Azlina Abdul said...

Fafa dear....thank you!!!! :) So sweet!

[ t ] is tEdDie said...

kak lin... cepat betul update... cantik la... tak terfikir nak buat kain pelikat... i nak buat kain songket la mcm ni... hahaha

Azlina Abdul said...

Teddie....kak lin pernah buat motif songket tau. Ada kad tu dalam blog ni...tapi it's like fusion skit hehehe.. :)

Anonymous said...

akak2. na tnye.
hrge kad nie kalo sy order satu bpe?

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