A wedding cake


This is a wedding card I made sometime ago but could not find it in my heart to sell nor to give it away hehehe......It is adorned with seed beads, sequins, ribbons and gold strings too.....it has no wordings whatsoever.....inside or outside. I have not decided yet on what to write :D. It's just an idea I had and just love leaving it that way. It has a bright yellow handmade envelope to match it and a yellow paper inserted inside it for writing on personal wishes :)


[ t ] is tEdDie said...

kak lin,

cute giler kek ni.. n nampak macam susah mau buat... nampak mcm menjahit atas card.... hehehe... serious comel sehhh

Azlina Abdul said...

Teddie.......tima kaceh byk2...hehehe...memang susah nak buat and rasanya tak kuasa nak buat lagi! huhuhu....I have to think of an easier method in order to do it again. Kak Lin tak menjahit pun, just masukkan manik kat tali tu and gamkan kat belakang kertas. :)

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