Dear all..................

I have yet another announcement to make.....I will be offline from tomorrow onwards for at least a week......this is because my computer needs some "fixing". Actually I'm not so sure how it's going to work out.....but I hope that it will not take too long for them to fix it as I will miss my darling PC badly hehehe.......

I will try to check my mails from the internet cafe within that period in case any of you guys sent me emails inquiring about the cards.

Till then..... ;)

Important announcement

Dear all.........

As of today, due to unforeseen circumstances, I won't be able to take anymore orders until further notice. Truly sorry for the inconvenience.

For those who have placed their orders earlier, especially those who have already made the payments, please don't worry as I will be sure to get your orders done as promised.

Thank you.

For Moms.....


I think I'm just so into this new embroidery look much so that I've been doing a lot with the arrangements.....hehehe....don't know why I just like it so much. Will be coming out with more of different arrangements and color combination soon.

Pop up flowers in a pot

A birthday card for an old aunt's dear friend, Kak Ann....I think they have known each other for more than 20 years now....My aunt wanted me to do a pop up card for her dear friend. I've been thinking of a design for a long long long ideas have dried up! hahaha! Plus I was not in the mood to create lately.....just don't feel like creating anything.....just want to go to the beach and relax....huhuhuhu....But since a promise is a promise....I had to fulfill it.

Inspired by one of the designs I did for my Teacher's day cards.....I expanded the idea and made it in a bigger card with a different combination of colors. In the beginning I wanted to do a different pop up design.....and the layout design for the card had to be vertical in order for me to do that....but a slight mistake in the printing, made me change the layout. I printed the wordings too big for the vertical that's how it ended up being horizontal. I had fun arranging the flowers and the leaves on the looks like an embroidery design or something hehehe....

As for the pop up.....I've longed wanted to do the box pop up technique....I should have made the box a bit smaller in width so that the pot would be able to hide it...hehehe....I kinda like this technique as it is easy to do and you can paste any object on it to make it pop up. :)

Kak Ann's birthday is on the 10th of May......Hope she will love the card :) Happy Birthday Kak Ann!!!!! ;)

Pattern 3

TD008 (soft blue + purple + white + pink)

I simply love this combination of colors as they are looking so soft and sweet! Very cool colors.....which is quite contrasting to the colors that you will see at the card below ;)

TD008 (red + pink + white + peach)

As you can see this combination of colors are warm and cozy :) This design layout is so simple and suitable for all sorts of for a Thank you card, a Hello or Just for you......those would be suitable with this design in my opinion. :)

These cards are the size of a note card ( 10.4cm x 14.7cm). Each comes with a matching handmade envelope.

Twin girls together forever!


Twins! It's a first for me to do a birthday card for twins. When I first got the request from my customer....Aizat (he wanted me to mention his name hehehe), I thought to myself, on earth shall I do this?? Especially when he said that he wanted the twins to be holding each others hands or make it look like as if they were hugging each other! Ack!! Knowing how limited my skills were when it comes to doing figures, I even asked him to ask someone else to do this design for him.....but he insisted I do this! So, in the end, he had to wait and wait and took me almost or was it over a month to get the idea and figure out how to go about doing it hahaha..... ;)

Why choose the color pink and brown you might wonder?? Well....that's because I asked him what are the twin girl's favorite colors. Fizah loves brown and Zimah loves pink! He went through a lot of trouble to find that out from the twins! hahaha! So after that, I got the idea to use those colors as the main colors for their clothes....I decided to do the baju kurung moden hehehe.....I already knew how to do the top part, it is similar to the blouse pattern I've done before....all that is needed is to add the long skirt below. And as for the skarf....I got the info from him that the twin girls are studying at a religious both of them wear the skarves....luckily I asked! Otherwise I had to think of how to do their hair! hahah! Yikes! That would be a major problem for me to do hehehe...... I also found out that both of them wear rectangular shape glasses.....just like me! LOL! So I added those details too....hehehe....

As for the big red heart shape behind the twins and the wording "Together Forever", that was Aizat's idea.....he wanted it that way.....I just had to figure out how to do the design layout. :) The heart shape pop up inside the card, was my idea first Aizat wanted me to do a pop up of the twins hugging each other but I didn't know how to do that although I tried and tried, it didn't work out the way I wanted I had to cancel that idea and do the V-fold heart shapes instead. This way, I could add some wordings.....such as the names of the twins and birthday wishes.......and since he wanted some space on the inside for him to write out personal wishes for both the girls, this pop up design would be most suitable as there are plenty of space on the left and right side of the card for him to do so. :)

I really hope the twins will be happy when they receive this birthday card from their dear brother.....they sure are lucky to have a brother who cared enough to do this for them :) So sweet! :) I'm just happy that I get to do this in the end......almost gave up half way.....but sometimes when people believe in you so much, it's kinda hard to let them, I just did the best I could, and the only way I knew how...... :)

Pattern 2

TD007 (orange + blue + pink + white)

TD007 (purple + blue + peach + white)

This is another pattern I did with the same flowers and leaves. I only changed the arrangement of the flowers and leaves to create a design pattern on the card. Each card is left blank on the inside and has a matching white paper inserted to write on personal wishes.

Pattern 1

TD006 (cream + pink + brown)

Ok, I guess I am simply in love with this embroidery type of design much so that I have created a few arrangements or patterns of them for the Teacher's Day Cards this year. You'll see more of the patterns after this......all with different sets of color combination. :)

Bookmark + Card

TD006 (yellow + purple + pink + white)
*added ribbon beaded bookmark

This design is totally different from what I've done's a combination of a card and a ribbon beaded bookmark. At first it was suppose to be a paper beaded bookmark but in the end I had to used the ribbon beaded bookmark instead because it was kinda difficult to do the paper bookmark according to my customer's request. The receiver of this card can take out the bookmark from the card by untying the soft pink ribbon that ties the ribbon beaded bookmark to the card.

For the inside of the card, I added decorations of the flower for the left side of the page.....the flower is actually the design from my latest teacher's day paper beaded bookmark. My customer wanted me to add that design in this card. It has on it the wordings, Happy Teacher's Day on the flower and leaves. The right side of the card has the poem that is dedicated to the teacher. Really lovely wordings picked out by my customer herself. :)

Again as you can see the color combination is of yellow and purple as it's the color based on the school's logo. My customer ordered a few of these cards for the teachers there. :) I really hope the teachers will love the card that they will be receiving soon hehehe.....

Teacher's day pop up flowers

TD003 (Purple and Yellow combo)

Ok...this is what I have been busy doing lately along with the other card orders I've been receiving lately. This particular design is actually an old one I did back in 2007. But my customer loved the design so much that she wanted the same one except the color combination has to be of yellow and purple as this card design will be given to the teacher's of her former school. Their school logo has those two colors....purple and yellow.

The other differences are that this card will be added the 7 pop up flowers. I had a hard time thinking of a suitable flower shape that would match the flowers in the front design. In the end, I decided to do something that resembles it, and made the small scallops on the petals of the pop up flowers. The decorations on the inside of the pop up flowers are similar to the decorations I did for the CNY cards. I happen to love that decorations.....can't think of any other that would look nice at the moment though. Perhaps in future I'll get some new ideas. I wish! ;)

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