Important announcement

Dear all.........

As of today, due to unforeseen circumstances, I won't be able to take anymore orders until further notice. Truly sorry for the inconvenience.

For those who have placed their orders earlier, especially those who have already made the payments, please don't worry as I will be sure to get your orders done as promised.

Thank you.


Anis Hartini Haron said...

u tak sihat ker? Are u ok?

Azlina Abdul said...

Anis...yup, I tak sihat...nak ambik cuti and pergi berubat. nak kena settlekan semua pending orders dulu....tu pasal la kena stop business for a while...thank you for are always so sweet!!

Unknown said...

U tak sihat Lin? Well, whatever it is I hope you'll feel better soon! Takpelah, ni "sign" yg u kena rehat sikit kot..?

Ada hikmah lah disebaliknya tu. Take care :)

Azlina Abdul said... la, you are right..I nak kena kurangkan kerja skit...takleh terlalu stress juga...doktor kata I takleh stress sangat nanti penyakit I makin menjadi2 huhuhuhu.... I hope to feel better soon too....thanks Millie, you take care too!!

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