Lots of love for Mother.....


Soft purple paper stock with combinations of white and soft pink....so sweet....lots of love on Mother's Day.....I used a much thinner paper stock, so it's easier for me to cut the sides of the card to make the wavy patterns.....using special patterned scissors this wavy cut is easily accomplished in seconds hehehe.....I love the white paper that I used to make the heart shapes for this design because it has a metallic line patterns on it....it shines when reflected on the light...very nice :) For this design I didn't make any wordings/wishes on the inside of the card....so, you can write your own special wishes from the heart to your lovely mother and make her the happiest person in the world on Mother's day :).

For a sweet mom.....


I love these colour combinations....the peach, cream and green colour is so soft and sweet....I also added some wordings inside, simple wishes for your dear mother on Mother's day....that matches the card....in my opinion that is hehehe.........I have always wanted to write something in my handmade cards, but was never really good in doing so....so this is sort of like an attempt to make it happen....some may like it, some may not....the wordings can always be changed according to your request....so it doesn't necessarily need to be the ones that I wrote hehehe...... :) therefore it can be personalized, no problem at all...... :)

Untuk Ibu tersayang....


I'm pretty excited today to post this design as this is one of the many designs that I will be making with soft colors combination.....and also because I wanted so badly to use the many coloured buttons I have in my collection....mostly I wanted to use them for flower decorations on cards, so I managed to use them in this design... although I have used buttons before in another one of my flower card designs but that one is a quite tiny button compared to the one I am using in this design....I also made my own wordings inside the card in Malay language...."Selamat Hari Ibu khas buat Ibu tersayang" which simply means....Happy Mother's Day especially for beloved Mother.....hehehe.....and I added some simple decorations of gold dots on it.....Of course the wordings can be changed according to preference.....or if you wish to add more to it to personalize the wordings....it can be done...no problem at all :)

Orangy gold flowers...


Bright orange and gold colour that simply catches your attention right away....it's a combination of ideas I had in my head these past few weeks.... I have been enjoying making flower designs this way, using the same coloured paper from the background and layering it with a contrasting coloured paper to make it stand out. I'm also loving the petite or tiny flowers that matches the big flower at the top....I just got it last month and can't wait to use it for my small projects....it will look cute on them hehehe.... :) This card can be used for any occasion.....and if anyone is interested in this design...I can also change the colours according to your liking....but it has to be any two colour combination that is.... :)

Paper Lips popping up! :)


Finally today I am able to post this design in my blog....after a long time spent figuring out how to do a man's lips popping up in a card! :D hahahaha! This pop up card is a request I received from a good friend of mine who wanted to give this card to his lovely lady hehehehe! I have made a pop up card before using a photo of a woman's lips that I got from the net.....but I never knew how difficult it was for me to find a photo of a man's lips that is suitable....if anybody knows where to get one, please let me know ok? hahahahaha!

So in desperation for a photo of a man's lips, I even tried to take photos of my own lips to use for the card...but it didn't turn out right.....after all I am a woman duhhhhh..... hehehehe! So I decided to make paper lips with a thin mustache on it all by myself.......and I put a heart shape on the lips to show that he is somehow giving his lady love lots of love with his kisses.....ahaks ahaks heheheh........and the card comes with a matching hot red handmade envelope......the design on the card has some similarities from the first one that I made except since this particular card is to be given to a lady...it has to have a feminine touch to it....so I made two flowers with heart shape petals to give a romantic touch and lots of petite size heart shapes scattered around the flowers too....the two flowers of course is kinda symbolic, to represent two people in love hehehehe.....LOL! :)

Happy Mother's Day...



I had problems with my PC recently....maybe it needed some rest or some sort hehehe! Fortunately it is working now and no more problems! Yippee! :) Now I can get some work done.....well today I have a couple of new cards to show here in my blog...and both are for Mother's Day.... :). As we all know, Mother's Day is celebrated around the world every year on various dates according to each country and for Malaysia it will be celebrated on May 11th 2008. Mother's Day has been celebrated for a long time now and stories of how it came about, please see this link here.

I designed these book fold A6 size cards with two flowers that symbolizes a mother and her child.....the bond between the two is very special indeed.....something that I feel between my mom and I.....and so does the rest of us who are fortunate enough to have that kind of bonding....this is the first time I've ever made an A6 size card that's cut this way....usually it's a vertical book fold....but the red + pink design combination is a horizontal one and the brownish design combination is a top fold...and I love them both! :)

A cute thank you card.....


A cute customer of mine requested a few of this cute little apple green A7 size card from me recently....she was so in love with the birthday card design I made for my aunt's birthday, that she wanted the same design for her thank you card....except that colors she wished for are apple green and turquoise....this was quite a daunting task as the flowers that I had to do and work with were very petite and quite a struggle to paste on the card......lots of patience needed for this one hehehehe! :) Even though it was difficult to do... I am very happy with how it turned out.... :)

Half the size....


This cute A7 size card is a smaller version of my Valentine card that I made a while back.....this cute card can also be used for other occasions....not necessarily be used only on Valentine's day... :)

54th Birthday....

*The buttons on the flowers are out of stock. If you like to order I can replace the buttons with sequins :)

It has been quite a while since I last posted any card designs in my blog....I know..hehe...I have been quite occupied with life and also with my new product that's been selling really well lately since it's first appearance in my blog hehehe...I knew I should try and balance things up and get back to designing cards. And today I'm very happy to be able to post an entry on a card design I made for my dear customer...it's for her mother's 54th birthday...inspired by the pastel colors that I have been working with lately for the beaded bookmarks and also by the craft work I saw at the craft exhibition a few days ago...finally this design came to mind...it's soft and sweet color is very soothing to the eyes..... :) I love the ribbons that I used for this card...I just got them a couple of weeks ago...not knowing yet what to do with them...and now I do hehehe....what's great about it is that it has two different tones and it's color is very soft and sweet. I also was requested by my customer to do wordings for the inside of the card...and I decorated it with tiny punched out flowers...so cute...it's to match the flowers on the front of the card. I love the cute tiny buttons too! :) I wanted to use some other buttons, but they were too big for the flowers....luckily I had these tiny ones available...and they match perfectly well. Hope to be able to post more card designs soon.....I wish I wish hehehehe.....

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