Featured in Sinar Harian - Niaga Online

I'm featured in the newspaper today! ;) This time it's from Sinar Harian. A one page article about my online business. I was approached by a journalist, Miss Norhana Fariza from Sinar Harian a few months ago to do an interview regarding my online business and the whole interview was done through email. That's how easy it is nowadays, the distance is no longer an issue. So even though she is in Kuala Lumpur, and I'm in Alor Setar, we can still do the interview via email :). 

I answered all of her questions through email and gave her the permission to use my photos from the blog for this article. :)

I'm very thankful to Sinar Harian that I was given this opportunity to be featured in their newspaper. I didn't imagine that I would get the chance to be featured again this year hihi. So thank you so much for supporting and appreciating what I do for a living....I feel blessed indeed :).

I took the photo of me with the cards on my working table all by myself...hehehe......so please excuse the blurry photo haha. I put my digital camera on a box and pressed on the self timer and got the shot! I should get myself a tripod one of these days! haha! I said it before but never bought one yet......guess it's high time I did :D. It would have been much easier to take photos if I had that tripod around. ;)


||ina dinzly|| said…
tahniah kak lin!!semoga terus berjaya~T_T
Sathya said…
Congrats....Keep Going!

Philippa said…
Congratulations ... this looks like a GREAT feature!
congrats, so excited for you!!!
:: Dhiya :: said…
tahniah! murah rezeki akak insya allah!
Thank you so much everyone for all the lovely wishes!! Love you!! ;)
k said…
congratssss kak lin dear !!
Kadkukis said…
Congrats kak lin dear !!!
Thank youuuuu Azilah(Kadkukis)!!! ;).
DoodleDesign said…
waaaah!! Tahniah juga dari ET ya :Lin :). U go girl!

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