Something new from an old design


I'm loving this new card's something new that I made inspired by an old design I did some time ago....have a look at it here. The old design had 3 flowers but this one has only one main flower with lots of small flowers around it. So far I've only come up with the idea for this pink flowers....I do plan to make a new design for the brown flowers as well....

This card has no wordings in it.....left it blank for writing on personal wishes. It can be used as a Thank You card, Thinking of You card or just to say Hi card......anything that you feel it's suitable for. It also comes with a soft pink handmade envelope too :).

Embossed look....

I have been spinning my head trying to figure out an idea for this design hehehe......what happened was that I bought this really pretty paper.....a white paper with embossed vines on least I think it's vines hehehe.....swirling vines.....the paper itself was already I pretty much didn't know what to do with it....oh dear! So one day it just came to me....why not just add on some flowers to the of the same colour as the paper to add on some more embossed look to the paper....just to make it different! And since the decorations on the card was already full, I just tied to it a soft pink organza ribbon with a "Baby Girl" tag to it to complete the design.....and I love it! Finally I managed to make a card using this paper! Yippee! LOL!


Back to work....

16/10/2008.............As you all know.....I haven't been around lately to blog here due to the internet problem, as well as other issues that has been bothering me. But I have saved some of the dates on this blog for posting later on, as I have done for this post and also other posts that you'll be seeing published later on! Heheheh! :D It took the Telekom technicians almost a month to fix my phone line! From August 28th till September 23rd! So I had to spend time at the internet cafe whenever I can to check my mails etc etc etc....really hated that! But all that is over now and I can now have a more relaxed time in front of the PC, surfing, researching and working in the comfort of my own home....aaahhhh...bliss! Since it all pretty much happened a little before and during Ramadhan.....I managed to use the time I had to attend to my personal matters....things that needed taken care of rather urgently and also things that I have been meaning to do for quite some time now. All in all.....the time I had to myself were used in a good way.....and soon, you'll be seeing more of my work being published here....I am taking time publishing them one by drop by whenever possible to check them out....thank you all!! :)

More troubles....sob sob.... :(

Dear all......I have an announcement to make....due to problems with my internet connection at home, I won't be able to entertain any orders of custom made cards until further notice. However I am able to entertain orders of cards that are available in this blog....Truly sorry guys..... I hope to have the problem solved as soon as I can..... :(

Baby stroller for baby boy


I just love the sweet combination of soft green and soft turquoise. It's so sweet! This small card was made using an A6 size card stock. It has no long wordings on the inside, just a simple "CONGRATS" stamped on the soft green paper insert inside the card. It also comes with a soft green handmade envelope. Its just perfect to give together with a gift for the new proud parents of a baby boy. I plan to give this to a friend of mine who just gave birth recently to a baby boy. :)

I have always loved to try out new things and this is definitely new for me.....I had to make my own template for the baby's stroller....I made three different parts, the handle, the bottom and top part of the stroller....then paste them together. And then added the face of the baby peeking out of the stroller hehehehe! I also made the tag with the stamped "BABY BOY" wordings on it. :)

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