How to make flowers using a quilling husking board

Hello again!

It's October already and I have been having fun playing with new quilling tools! Oh yes! Believe it or not after 8 years of quilling, last month I got myself a quilling crimper and quilling husking board. First time ever trying out these tools and they are so much fun to use! Seriously!

I knew about the quilling crimper many years ago but never got one because the one I knew of was so expensive to buy until I found out about this cheap one! Hahaha! I immediately rushed to get it. It was worth it. It works really well so far and I've seen many other quillers using it and not having any problem with it at all so I'm glad I got it in the end.

As for the quilling husking board, I only found out about it a few weeks ago when I was browsing through Instagram. Saw a few quillers there who are using it and it seems like fun. I didn't know what it was called in the beginning because they didn't mention the name of the tool. It was such a long search before I finally found out what they call it and where to find one.

I've been busy playing with the tools and experimenting with them on my own now. It's not easy to find tutorials on how to use the quilling husking board though. There are just a few. But it was enough for me to get the idea of how to use it. From there I just figured out how to make use of it for my quilling designs.

Here are some of the husking designs I have made and the crimping obsession I've been having lately that I've shared on my Instagram @azlinaabdul so far. Just playing with a few designs to see what I really like so that I can use them for my future handmade cards etc. 

I made a really simple tutorial on how to use the crimper and also the quilling husking board. I hope you will take some time to watch it and try this technique yourself. Thank you so much!!

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