Hello! Welcome to my craft blog!

I'm Azlina Abdul. I'm currently residing in the town of Alor Setar in Kedah which is one of the states in Malaysia.

I am an Art and Design graduate from UiTM, Shah Alam, majored in Ceramic Design. I never got a job in that field but managed to earn a living doing administrative work for a few years before I finally decided to quit due to health issues.

I've been making handmade greeting cards for as long as I can remember. It was and still is my hobby. Most of the handmade cards were made for my family when I was still schooling and after I graduated I started to experiment more on it. I did a lot of experiments back then that helped me built the skills  that I have now.

I only started learning how to make handmade cards seriously in 2007. I would blog about my handmade cards on this blog to showcase my creations. I had very limited tools and skills to create handmade cards. I had to invent my own technique and tools to create my designs. I had to do it my way due to the limited budget. I gradually improved over time. I learned things mostly through experience, thousands of experiments and lots of research and networking with other designers locally and from overseas. That has helped me tremendously. I owe what I have now to a lot of good friends whom I've met online who have helped me so much in improving my artwork. I am truly blessed to have such good support from these people and for that I'm truly grateful. May God bless them!

It didn't really matter what I do specifically......as long as I get to express myself creatively. It could be on paper, clay, or any kind of medium. I just love spending time creating whenever I have some spare time.

I'm constantly learning about card making and designing and the process never stops. There is just so much more out there to explore in this field and it's so exciting to discover the new techniques and the different gadgets that are available for me to play with.

Do support me on this journey and help me make it a joyful one too! Thank you for visiting and for following my blog. I do hope that your visit here has inspired you and has given you great pleasure. :) God bless you!

Thank you so much again!

Azlina Abdul

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