The Golden flower...


This is another oldie but goodie design I made last year. The gold flower was a fun experiment I did with corrugated paper...each petal cut individually and painted gold...even the stem is dotted with gold colour to match it. It comes with a beige handmade envelope and has a beige paper insert on the inside of the card for writing on personal wishes. The card is suitable for any occasion and is left blank on the inside.
It's a clean cut neat design I would say. Love it very much :)

With love.....



I made these designs months ago...something old in my collection but is still loved always :). Layering coloured papers is another way of presenting my creativity on paper and is also very therapeutic in trying to find what colours to match one another. :) It is made with love and should be given with love :). For V015, it comes with a matching yellow handmade envelope and for V016, it comes with a matching soft pink envelope. Both cards are left blank on the inside for writing on personal wishes.

Bookmark cards



These were designed a few months back....I wanted to make a card with 3 layers of colored papers and bind them with a ribbon. A simple design with a touch of a simple flower formed by bringing 3 layered heart shapes together and a long stem made with dotted silver and gold lines. The receiver of the card will be able to use this card as a bookmark later on....Both cards comes with a matching handmade envelope and is left blank on the inside for writing on personal wishes.

As pink as they can be...


This maybe the last "dancing flowers" design for this year, hehehe.....but then again, maybe not hehehe.......well, that's me..when I like a design so much, I always tend to do it again and again and again, probably not with the same flowers but the idea is the same....To me, they are like miniature flowers that I find in my dreams...very small and a beautiful garden filled with colourful flowers, so very pretty... :)

Carved roses..



I first attempted carving out patterns on paper with this particular design a few years ago. I remembered how the leaves looked like the first time I carved aunt said that they looked like parsley :D! So I kept on improving the way I carved them and soon fixed on this particular pattern....very simple and with no rough edges on the leaves :). I have made new designs with carved rose on them that I embellish with laces, which you can find and view in this blog.

I plan on posting some more of my old designs soon for some people to see here, as there are more out there who haven't seen them before. Although there will be new ones as well coming out, do drop by once in a while to see something old and something new :).

The petals swirl again...



I made these two cards for a friend of mine who wanted simple thank you cards....very simple touch with the swirling petals on the flowers that she loved so much :). Each card comes with a matching handmade envelope and are left blank inside for writing on personal wishes.

Blue I'm blue....

Closer details of the flower sequins and beads that is sewn on the paper


Oh dear! There I was stuck with the "dancing flowers" arrangement again! I just don't know why I do it but they seem to keep wanting to be that way again and again in my head...and so it applies on paper. Only this time the flowers are a bit different than the ones I've used's totally flat and the other one is just a round shaped tiny sequin that I applied dots around it to form a flower. The edges of the card is different too. I'm also currently working on another 2 more designs. One is similar to this one but the sequins are a bit different, but still the flowers are dancing :D. I was listening to Julio Iglesias as I was making them lalalaaa..:D The card comes with a matching handmade peach coloured envelope and is left blank on the inside for writing on personal wishes. :)

Sewing beads and sequins


Bead card with a matching purple envelope


Alright :) ...finally! I managed to do it! Again playing with flower motifs...can't help them so much! Those small and tiny flower sequins are just so cute! I just had to use them for my cards! Ever since my good friend from Hawaii ( Sweetie CC ), introduced me about the world of beads...I've been buying and collecting them little by some collection of them now...and I'm looking at them in a new light as well :)

I wanted to design something sweet and simple...simple and fast enough for me to make them. I decided to sew them on a piece of card that's hard enough to stand the needle poking through it...I've done cards with sequins before and glued them on the card, which was a lot easier....but this time I wanted so much to use the beads..therefore I had to sew them! I'd love to experiment more on this technique as it's a bit different than what I'm so used to doing before... and I'm so in love with beads and sequins more cards with those will be coming out in the future! :D

Brownie owl :)


I made this card for a client...this was my first attempt to do owls instead of flowers most of the time. It has a set of eyes that can move when you shake the it when they shake :). I decorated around the owl with strips of multi -coloured brown paper. This was a fun card to make and I love the brown colour papers that lines the card to form a pattern. :) It is extremely difficult to execute the design.....with so many strips of multi coloured paper to line up one by one....but the results really satisfied me. I am happy with how it turned out. This card came with a handmade cream coloured envelope.

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