Tool box 3

I've just finished making another batch of quilled items for my 3rd tool box yesterday. I think this will be the last tool box I'll be making because I need to concentrate on other projects in the next few months. Making these quilled items for the tool box is very very time consuming as you all know. And if I were to make another one, it will probably be for me hehe! Coz I would like one for myself as well haha! :D

It's a big relief to be able to get this tool box done and I am really in need of a holiday. I will be taking one soon next week and I'm just counting the days now. Been working non stop for two months straight and it's nice to take a long break for a while. Want to go hunt for new supplies as well. Visit new craft stores and feast my eyes with beautiful things hehe! Do fun stuff with friends too! :D
So I will be away till 4th of July and will resume back to work on the 5th. Have a good weekend everyone! ;)

Quilled butterflies bookmarks




Recently I received another order to make some bookmarks with butterflies and stars as the subject matter. My customer requested that the butterflies be in brown and soft purple in color. At the last minute she requested one more bookmark but with a color of my choice and I chose red! :)

It's a very simple design as you can see....and the stars were made using colored foams which I cut out myself. I wanted to make quilled stars and almost succeeded in doing so but I felt like they were not good enough. I still need some practice in making them so that's why I decided to use foams instead. And I decorated the stars with silver glitters. Love that effect on the star foams. :)

Red and black


My first order of the tri-shutter card :). Very nerve wrecking actually. Things got even more worse when I was asked to add photos inside the card and I'm just not good at making the photos look good when printed. I'm still learning how to edit photos and the progress is pretty slow. But somehow I have to make it work and make my customer happy. And this is the end result. :)

For this card, I tried to make a patterned paper that would suit the colors I was going for such as red, dark red, black, white and silver. I stamped some black dotted swirls clear stamp on white paper and then decorated it with punched out red heart shapes. You can see it at the photo above. The dotted red on white paper is a patterned paper I got from someone. I thought it would be perfect for this card. The colors matched and so I didn't hesitate to use them. 

Now I understand why my fellow card maker, Miss Azilah have had headaches before when making this tri-shutter I almost puked making this myself. It's just too much to think about really. Everything has to be balanced. It has to match up otherwise it would look weird. It took me a long time to figure out the design. Perhaps in time I'll be finding it easy to do but for now, it sure isn't huhuhehehaha :D.

FC Barcelona theme birthday card


First time for me to get an order to make a FC Barcelona theme birthday card. This order is from the same customer who ordered the teddy bear bookmarks recently. He loved the HB088 design I made and wanted me to do something similar to that but with the FC Barcelona theme of course :). And so I did! :)

The design for the front of the card is always tricky to do. Especially the quilled swirls. It can never turn out the same each time I make them. The first time I did it, it was a bit wavy and now it's just a simple bend. But I did put a lot of red seed beads this time around at the quilled swirls. Love doing that :).

I really wanted to do a Bookman Oldstyle Font for the alphabets like the one I did for HB088 but this time around there is one extra alphabet in the name and therefore the space is a little limited  to do that on the card in that style where I drew the outline of the font with gold glitters. So, I decided to just arrange the quilled shapes first and later line some gold glitters exactly at the side of each quilled alphabets. This method is much easier for me to do. And I really like it this way. I'm so glad that my customer didn't mind me doing it like that too. Yay! :)

I also did the pop up cake like the one in HB088 except that I changed the logo and  of course changed the  colors of the heart shapes a bit to blue. As long as it has that FC Barcelona colors in it, it's all good :).                                                                

Turquoise, lime green and orange teddy bears




Mini quilled teddy bears in turquoise, lime green and orange color! Yup! Requests from a new customer who wanted them in his favourite color and also in his sister's favourite colors too.

I was also requested to make some quilled alphabets of their names on the bookmark itself but I was a bit reluctant to do it since the bookmark is quite small unlike a card that has more space on it. Furthermore, my quilling skills in making those small alphabets are not up to the standard yet! haha! So I suggested to him that I do those names in the way I'm good at which is by carving out the alphabets and lining them with some thin fabric and color paper. I love how it all turned out in the end. :)

You can view some carving techniques I've done before on bookmarks at the links HERE, HERE and HERE :).

This is the first time I decorated both sides of the bookmark. Normally I would just decorate them on one side only.....but since there isn't much space for the design and the name, so I thought this would be a much better solution to combine both on one bookmark. I'm so glad that my customer loved them so much! :) 

Thinking of you...


Remember the paper I designed the other day? Well, I got carried away and designed some more after that and I used them for my second tri-shutter card! hehe! ;) This is what I call, making use of what you have and make the best of it. Coz sometimes that's what you gotta do when you don't have everything you want. You just make use of what's available and make it work! Just like what Tim Gun used to say on Project Runaway haha. :D.

Sorry the photos did not turn out as well as I wanted it......the true color of the card is the one at the bottom where you can see how the dark pink color turns out exactly the same like the real card. The photos at the top seems a little off with the colors probably because of the color of the table that reflected it's wood color onto the paper. I donno, I'm not a professional photographer and still have lots to learn about lighting effects etc.....but if you wanna know the true color of the paper, you look at the photo at the bottom ya.....that's the one that looks exactly the same.

I also added a little quilling here and there on the card and some heart shape paper I punched out with my heart shape craft punches. I hope to design more patterned paper for myself to use for my handmade cards. It's fun to play with the stamps. At least this way I'll get to use them more often.....they've been kept safe in the box for too long.....they need to go out and play! hehe! :D

Design my own patterned paper

My own patterned paper!! 

I've been wanting to do this for a long time already. Thinking of ways to utilize my rubber stamps, especially my clear stamps that I have in my collection. I wanted to make my own patterned paper for my handmade cards. And this is just one of the many ways I could do it.

So I started making one today with all of my "Thinking of You" stamps  plus I added a lot of the heart shape stamps to it too. This is just one of the easiest ways to design your own patterned paper. You can add glitters, color them with markers, color pencils, distress ink........etc's all up to your imagination.

Gotta be careful when stamping them actually because one mistake can ruin the whole piece of the A4 paper. Right now I wish I had more different types of ink color hehehe. I don't have all the colors I need so I just make use of what I have and make the best of it.

Can't wait to make more of this! I wish I have more time though.....hehe! :) I can do this ALL day! It's fun!! ;)

MU theme birthday card


Recently I received another MU theme birthday card request from a customer who liked my HB072 card  that I did last year with a Chelsea FC theme. The colors were more to their team had dark blue, red and black plus the white too. You can view the HB072 card at the link HERE.

So all I had to do was just change the colors to the MU team color like red, yellow, black and white. I tried my best to make the pop up guy inside look like the one I did before but it didn't come out the way I want ed never does actually hehehe. I'm just not good at making looks kinda sad in this one compared to the one I did last year which looked more cheerful with his face expression. huhu...

I like the stripes on the card...... :) all because I was able to use my metallic, glittering gold paper how it shines when it hits the light. :)

Have a look below of a sample of the card design in this video. You can view how the guy pops up inside the card ;).


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