MU theme pop up cake and alphabets


This is another one of my attempts at making quilled alphabets :). Yes, a customer of mine requested me to make a birthday card with quilled alphabets of her friend's name on the card. She insist that the alphabets be in Bookman Old Style fonts. The colors of the alphabets has to be the same colors like the V032 quilled heart card I made before. And the pop up inside, has to be like the pop up Manchester United cake I made in my HB087 felt hearts card.
I did have problems figuring out how to do the quilled alphabets at first.....because I didn't know how to make it exactly the way she wanted it to be. So in the end I had to come up with my own way of doing it....something I'm comfortable with. And this is how it turned out :). I'm pretty happy with it and so is my customer. Thank God she likes it a lot hehe! Phew! :D

The part I love the most about this card is the small red seed beads that I glued along side the quilled swirls...I had fun adding them on the card :). From a far it looks like teeny tiny quilled circles but actually they are just seed beads :).


Siti said…
kemasnye tulisan! =D
guna apa kak lin?
Really nice, love it!!!
Karuna said…
Thsi si so beautiful... loved the colours and the scrolls!!! very pretty card!
WhiteRacoon said…
Very cute! Love the bright colors and the design itself, cool idea of the pop-up inside.
lovely and bright, nice work!!!!
SALAM..tumpang tanya..gam jenis ape yang digunakan??
Lin guna gam jenis white glue or polystyrene glue.

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