Quilled heart pattern #7

Yes! Finally I've done the 7th quilled heart card today! Yay! It's a combination of yellow, orange and red....very striking indeed....very bright! :)

So now it's all done....I've got 7 different color combination of quilled heart cards to be given away by the end of this month. Phew! I guess I won't be making anymore new ones for a short while after this because I need to concentrate on other designs I've got planned for the rest of the month. I can't believe soon it's going to be end of July.....August drawing near.....time sure flies fast these days....before you know it, it's already end of the year hehe....scary! There's so many things to do....so little time. Will I be able to make it on time..? Only God knows....we can plan....but only God will determine what's going to happen. Hope things will run smoothly for all of us. :)


tiefazatie said…
wah..nice..hope me lucky sis!
favor lover said…
i heart this!!!(crossing finger and doa byk2 ahahaha)
Hazwan said…
jatuh cinta dengan kad ini..suka2
||kiena|| said…
ouh sgt jatuh cinta dgn yang ini! fevret color,.. weeeee xoxo
Thank you everyone for the lovely comments! I'm so happy that you all love the color of this quilled heart! I love it too! Good luck to all of you! :)

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