Marquise shaped Malaysian flower tutorial

Oh my time flies when you're so consumed with work each day. I just realised that I forgot to blog about this new thing I did last July. I made lots of quilled Malaysian flowers but, the shape of the petals were marquise (pointed oval) instead of the tear drop shape.

I really love the way it looks and they were actually done for my customers. I have been making cute thank you cards for customers who purchased my quilling kits and those flowers were used to decorate the cards with.

I have been thinking of making a video tutorial on how to make them since many have been asking me to do so but I've been occupied and distracted by other projects and have neglected on making any videos. Been a while since I made any video tutorials. I miss teaching.

Actually it's not that difficult to make this flower. All you have to do is just make the shape of the Malaysian flower and then pinch it a bit at the petal to get that shape. Similar to making shapes of leaves or marquise or some call it the eye.

Hope you will be inspired to give it a try too. See if it is to your liking as well. It is what I do most lately. :)

06/11/2016 - Here's an update.....I've finally found the time to make a video tutorial on this flower. So many of my followers requested for this tutorial, so I just had to make time to do this for them. Thank you for requesting for it too!! Have fun watching and quilling!! Do check out the video below ;).

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