The final design......


Hello everyone! Glad to be back at home now......just came back from my short trip to my hometown to deliver some card orders for my Mom's high school reunion. It was indeed quite a challenging project.....the final design was a last minute decision.....a few things from the design had to be altered and I had a panic attack! I changed a few things from the original design, simply because of stock problem and also because of wanting it to look fancier.....There wasn't enough of this...there wasn't enough of that! And I had to do some searching for the materials here and there and everywhere just to make sure the design looks good. Gosh.....I almost gave up but even though it was so challenging, I had to carry on because time was limited and I just had to make good decisions to make it work! Funny how it all turned out in the end.......managed to finish all of the 50 pieces of cards on the day of the distribution itself!!! Phew! My Mom was so worried that I couldn't make it on time.....hahahaha.....but I did it in the end! It was so crazy hahaha.....Never felt so exhausted making cards before......I think this was the worst exhausting card making experience ever! :D

Am so sorry that the photos of the cards are not that clear......I took the photos right after they were done.....and at that time it was already in the, the lighting was not good, plus the photographer (that's me), was too tired to take good photos hahahaha!! LOL!

I'm just glad that I managed to get the cards done and they are happy with the cards.....that's what's important.... I certainly learned a lot from this project..... :)

Will be away.......

To all my dearest customers......

I have an important announcement to make......I will be going away for awhile tomorrow......way up north, for a few some important things to settle there and some deliveries of cards to my dearly beloved Mom hehehe!

So......I won't be able to have access to the internet for a few days! Urrrgggghhhh! That means I won't be able to reply any emails regarding orders or inquiries regarding my handmade cards for a while.......however, if you have anything that you wish to inquire or order....please do email me about it and I will reply them as soon as I get back to KL.....sorry for the inconvenience!


March 2009 : FULLY BOOKED!

Dear all valued customers..........

Truly sorry to inform everyone that for this month, my schedule is fully booked! Therefore, I won't be able to take anymore orders for this month. However, you are welcomed to book your orders starting 1st of April 2009......

* A little note for serious buyers only.....

For those who are interested to place an order......... please, please allow at least 1 weeks time for me to complete your orders......completion of the orders depend on the quantity of the cards you ordered....the more you order, the longer it takes for me to complete them for you. I work alone therefore I need ample time to make them.

Also, I would like to add that I will only proceed with your order once payment has been made upon confirmation of the order. If you fail to make the payment within the time allocated, I will not entertain your order (in other words, I won't make the cards for you hehehe)......please please understand, I only take serious buyers only.....thank you for your kind understanding of my situation..... :)

Blouse full of sequins!


I love this one!!! Can't help it, I sure do love it......I feel so sad to part with this one will be leaving me shortly once I put it in the mailbox to be posted to my customer hehehe! This idea came from my customer herself.....she loved the V012 buttons and sequins card so much but wanted it to be in the form of a bag or clothes or I decided to do a blouse instead! hehehe!

This was so much fun! I had to first figure out what type of blouse to draw and then I glued all the sequins on by one! Sounds like a lot of work right? You got that right! It took me hours to get this one done! But it was well worth the trouble..... :)

I also love the paper bag I drew on the inside of the card......first I drew it on a piece of white paper, then I cut it out and colored it a bit with gold lines.....look fancy shmancy? I think so hehehe.....not sure what people will think about it though but I don't care....coz I love it hehehe.....LOL! :)

You are 3!


I just got this order done and it's all set to be posted to my customer. It's similar to LBL012.....but a smaller version with wordings on the front of the card.......the original has only gift boxes....I had a hard time figuring out how to do this as the card was pretty mind just went blank! So I did what I had to do.....and did the best I could to make it look pretty. :)

I am enjoying the new craft punch I got last's the shape of the sun... so cute. :) I love decorating it on the card....making it look fancy shmancy hehehe....I had them on the card, inside the card and on the back of the envelope too! I hope I didn't over do it! LOL! The gift boxes are super small and lightly decorated. This was fun! :)

Not more than Friend......


Another order from my regular customer came about more than a week ago.....I was not able to get it done on the time she wanted had to postpone it so that I can have time to prepare the card for her. Managed to get it done today and posted this afternoon.....phew!

This is a a blue, green, cream and white combo......suitable for a guy......but this card is a sad card.....just by reading the title, we can tell how sad it is huhuhuhuhu......... :( That's another reason why I used the color blue.........coz she's feeling blue......feeling sad.....

I tried using a different layout for this design and I like how it turned out...... :) First time ever writing wordings on ribbons too! Love it :)

Pop up guy catching a fish!


Oh this was fun! hehe! A fun design to make.....especially for the front of the card, loved it very much, but the design on the inside was the one that really tested my patience hehehe! My aunt's friend ordered this card for her hubby's birthday......and he LOVES to go fishing! So that's how this card came about. It's all about his love for fishing.....and I tried to translate it on this card.

I wanted to do something like this for a longest time but never had the guts to do it plus I didn't know I did some research on the net on the shape of a guy holding a fishing rod. Gosh, this was so difficult to do.....urgggh!! I almost gave up. But I had no choice but to carry on as time was limited to find any other ideas. I had to stick to the original idea and just try to make it work!

I know I know......the guy does look a little funny right??? It looks as if he is holding a light saber instead of a fishing rod!! hahaha! But, least I tried!!! LOL! It was a good experiment though....hopefully in time I will be able to make it look better. :)

Selamat bersara En. Khairul....


Another order from my aunt's friend.....Kak An :). This card is for their colleague who will be retiring this month. He has worked at that company since's been 25 years...WOW! That's a long time to be working at the same place......such a loyal employee :).

I tried this new soft blue paper I got recently for this card design and mixed it with combination of silver, purple and white. I experimented with the ribbons and made the stripe patterns on the bottom design of the card using those 1/8 inch ribbons mixed with strips of color papers. Am loving that idea very much it saves me a lot of time cutting out the paper strips.

This card is about half the size of an A4 paper, and comes with a purple handmade envelope. There is also a white paper inserted on the inside of the card for writing on personal wishes. :)

My first wedding invitation cards

WI001(Limited edition) WI002 (Limited edition)THESE CARDS ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

I am so thrilled that all the wedding invitation cards are all done! This is the first time I was given the opportunity to do invitation cards for a wedding. I must say I was a bit intimidated at first and was really worried with the amount of work that will take place once I accepted this order. But luckily it was only for 90 pieces......But even so, I had a hard time getting them done in the short time frame. This was definitely a lot of work and time consuming.....but I felt so happy to see how happy my customer was when she received the cards from me.......she was glowing with joy hehehe! :)

The motif used was of course a wedding dress......using paper doily as the main element in the design.......but as you can see, there are two types of doily here since there wasn't enough doily for me to make a wedding dress for the black card design. My customer wanted the black one, but the doily was not enough to make 90 pieces of she decided that I do two different types, one black and one dark red.....45 pieces of each. Definitely these wedding cards are of limited edition......I won't be able to do the same ones again as those particular doily design are not available in stock. So if there is anyone who are interested in ordering something similar like these, I would have to use another type of doily design for the wedding dress. So in other words, these wedding dresses are one of a kind hehehe!

The wording on the front design, "Our Wedding" was handwritten by me...........I had to practice writing it many many times on a piece of paper before actually writing it down on the card itself. One slight mistake and all will be ruined! So I had to be careful.....can't make any mistake otherwise I would have to make them all over again.

I have learned a lot from this experience and I believe that I need to learn more in order to make the invitation cards in future. Especially learning how to do the map! Yup! Must learn how to make those hehehe.....Learn, I must! LOL!

Both designs are special in their own way..........the black one is special for the black paper, which is kinda expensive and it's doily design is unique.....with 2 color combination, silver and gold.....the dark red one is special for the tiny flower it has on neckline of the dress, I really love that touch! hehehe

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