Pop up graduation hat card


I got an order the other day to do a graduation card, but I didn't have enough time to do it. I didn't want to take the order at first but since my customer persisted, so I accepted the order in the end. But I told her, I only have time to make a simple one and a small one too since my schedule is pretty full for this month. Luckily she didn't mind it at all. :)

I believe......this is my second graduation card design. I don't really design graduation cards a lot. Don't really fancy making them that much as compared to other types of cards. Don't ask why ehehehe.

Well, for this design, I thought of doing something different. I thought of doing a pop up inside it. But didn't know what would it be until I saw a tutorial on how to make a graduation hat! That really caught my eye! Immediately I tried making it and I was surprised at how easy it was to make one. I really enjoyed making it and I especially love making the tassel for the hat! That was pretty fun! :D 

Since the card itself is pretty small, so the graduation hat had to be made small in size as well. That was the only thing that was pretty tricky for me to do. Especially since I have big hands, and chubby fingers, LOL! :D I also tried something new by stamping some flowers and colouring them and later making them pop below the graduation hat. Although it's very easy to do, I still loved it anyways since it's something new for me to try. All this time, I've always made pop up flowers from scratch, so making pop up flowers from rubber stamps were a fun thing to try out.

All in all, what's important is that I had fun.....and I tried something new.....plus, I made my customer very happy ;). You can view how the graduation hat pop up in the card at the video below:

August 2013 Blog Giveaway

OK!! Here we go! The 8th giveaway for this year is now here. I've been cracking my head since yesterday on what to give away and finally these are the items that I came up with. Hope you all like them. The list of things to be given away are as follows:

1. 8 different types of fancy pattern ribbons.
2. 6 pieces of paper that were cut and shaped using Martha Stewart's craft punch.
3. 10 pieces of doily paper.
4. 5 packs of multicolour shredded quilling paper.
5. One mini circle template.
6. One no slot quilling tool. (Similar to needle quilling tool)

You can try your luck at winning these items by entering the giveaway simply by following the easy instructions below:

1. Everyone is eligible to enter. I accept local and international entries.
2. You have to promote my giveaway at your site, whether it's at your blog or at your Facebook.....or at any site that you can promote it, as long as you put the link of this giveaway and the photo of it at your site.
3. After you have put the photo and link at your site, copy and paste the link at Mr Linky below. Be sure to write your name there too.
4. For bloggers, please follow my blog and for Facebookers, please "LIKE" my page at the link HERE

This giveaway starts today and ends at 12.00am on 1st of September 2013.

Winner of July 2013 Blog Giveaway

It's been a while since an international participant won anything from my blog giveaway, so I'm glad this time around the Random.org chose one for me. Let's cut to the chase and make the announcement now. :D

The winner of July 2013 Blog Giveaway is Miss Eileen!! Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you!! Do contact me as soon as you can with all your details so that I can post the gifts to you as soon as possible.

I still don't have anything in mind for the next giveaway. Still thinking of what to give away. I'm sure I'll be able to figure it out soon. Hope to blog about it pretty soon. It's definitely not going to be a handmade card or a die cut machine LOL!! Can't afford to giveaway something like that yet. But it's definitely going to be something that you can use to make crafts of your own. Something you can play with! So stay tuned!

Thanks again to everyone who participated and do join again for my next giveaway soon!


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